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Over 100 rabbits rescued from a Martinez backyard
Update: June 18, 2010

Over 100 rabbits have been rescued so far from the hoarder in Martinez area. – Sadly three died. 97 are in foster care and 50+ more still await rescue. We need rescue, plus foster sites right away to help Michelle and Suzi carry out this rescue successfully. At one site we currently have 97 - If you can help even a pair it would make such a big difference! Contact us right away if you can help

Thank you due to Suzi, Michelle and the crew assisting in Martinez - a whirl of support form Karen at Harvest Home and Cynthia of Martinez, Elizabeth at House Rabbit Society, Marcy at SaveABunny, Judy at Rabbit Ears, Pet Food express, Oxbow Animal Heath, and Margo at House Rabbit Society National. Blessings to The Rabbit Haven donors too! Thank you for the big $1,000 grant Margo - that went a long way. Newest donations incoming from Annie’s blankets- and cages/carriers from The Rabbit Haven. The Haven is also paying for spays and neuters.

Ok now for the count for the primary triage –foster site:
There are 6 babies, 4 weeks old, with a sweet Mama bunny who is being a surrogate mom. These are healthy and playing like babies do! These were undernourished, it took a while for them to catch up. There are 20 additional babies, who are about 8 weeks old. They are also beginning to play. They need foster homes as they need socialization to get them used to being companion rabbits. There are 17 who are about 10 weeks old. Same conditions as above. There are 3 unspayed females (3 months old and too young) Need foster support Can be spayed at 5 months. 5 males, should be about ready to go, but still need neutered. There are 4 adult females and 2 adult males having surgery today. They are not in good shape. 3 of them are just covered in sores and mites. The vet will check them today.

Suzi has the rest in one group of 39. As they are fixed, they are leaving them in the group. We will be treating them with revolution today or tomorrow. So many of them have skin problems. The ears look better, but...Each one needs to be checked over and possibly retreated. These rabbits can go out to rescue or foster right away. They need individual attention so badly. Rescue support is desperately needed.

Mark Pemberton took a few photos attached – There are 89 at this one site and many others in separate sites. They need help now! Great news : the three babies rescued are healthy and happy – 2 more we took in earlier were adopted! Contra Cost shelter is housing 3 and they will be spayed soon, then available for adoptions.

Update: June 9, 2010

Thanks to our generous donors, The East Bay Martinez rabbit rescue project is able to feed and provide medical care for over 150 rabbits! Spay neuter services have begun!

Our most recent donation is from Oxbow Animal Health, a generous donation of 400 pounds of foods to feed the Martinez rescued rabbits! Given the critical need of the Martinez rescue at this time Oxbow Health just donated 400 pounds of food and hay which will be kindly delivered to the rescue area this Friday! Thank you to our friends at Oxbow for coming to the rescue of this huge group of rabbits. So far donations from granting organizations and businesses include:

  • House Rabbits Society National $1,000.00 cash donation for emergency rescue
  • Oxbow Health: 400 pounds of food and hay!
  • Pet Food Express: 36 X-pens (WOW) plus pounds of food and rabbit supplies
  • Lafayette Pet shop: Two 50 pound boxes of hay!
  • Kordon, the maker of Oasis water bottles for pets donated 120 new water bottles
  • Dublin Spay/Neuter Center: East Bay SPCA-Oakland ? Tri-Valley donated veterinary services sand facilities/supplies to help spay and neuter 36 rabbits on Sunday 6-6. Thank you Debby Phillips, CVPM -Veterinary Services Manager for making these arrangements. All 36 rabbits spayed and neuter Sun are recovering well.
  • Dr Carolynn Harvey (Chabot Vet Hospital) who moved her schedule upside down to fit in urgent spays on high risk females.
  • The Rabbit Haven - Spay neuter grant / help support spay neuter services up to 80 additional rabbits
  • Marin Humane society Novato who offered free spays!

Individual monetary donations so far:

  • $450.00 through Harvest Home
  • $970.00 through Rabbit Haven (thank you to Haven donors!) You are awesome.
Of course thank you to the tireless energy and effort on the part of the East Bay Martinez rescue team – what a loving, committed & compassionate group of volunteers! Now what is needed is ongoing food, foster support, adopters, and transport help. We also need ongoing help with feeding and post operative care needed by these rabbits. Naturally, more supplies are needed like litter, carriers, pellet food and hay. Lafayette Pet shop has a barrel for donations and HRS has agreed to accept supply donations for the Martinez rescued rabbits as well. Contact us and we will link you to the right people so you can help.

Update: June 6, 2010

Three of the hundreds of baby rabbits rescued from a Martinez backyard are safe in foster care with Animal Friends Rescue Project. Here is a video showing them enjoying the good life in their new foster home.

June 2, 2010

A major rabbit rescue is currently underway in the Martinez area of California. Over 100 rabbits need your help.

A bay area rabbit rescue group member, Michelle, came across a situation at a neighborhood garage sale that stopped her in her tracks. The family selling baby bunnies out of their garage let her in their backyard to discover what we all dread and makes our hearts sink. There in a jam packed side yard, over 100 rabbits living in extremely poor conditions and tunneling in the ground, breeding uncontrolled and living with mites, fleas and probably other medical conditions. Some babies have bloody ears and all are in need of urgent medical attention. All must be removed and the females spayed before 100+ turns into 300! One litter was born last night and we are certain there are more to come. There are already many litters.

These poor rabbits had next to nothing. Of course, this quickly became a top priority for us. Now food, hay and water has been provided for these starving rabbits. Much more will be needed to manage this large group. This rescue is at least confined to a relatively accessible area. However, many pregnant females are in this group and we are racing against the clock to get them spayed or they will have many litters which will overwhelm our areas ability to house the group. A Triage center has been set up – but additional space is needed. The rescue needs pens or crates to facilitate getting animals moved to safety.

The Rabbit Haven in Santa Cruz and Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary in the Central Valley have offered rescue assistance to the East Bay Rabbit rescue. We will be facilitating and gathering supplies and publicizing to gather needed foster homes and permanent homes. The Rabbit Haven has a Pay Pals account for this rescue. Please donate ASAP Note that you are donating for the East Bay rabbit Rescue Martinez. We need to move very quickly especially to provide medical support. Michelle and Brooke of the Martinez rescue are doing great – also Karen (Harvest Home) and Suzy (Martinez shelter).

There is a ray of hope! House Rabbit Society has just given us a $1,000 emergency grant! That will really help with the immediate costs while donations come in. It may seem overwhelming, it is a bit, however, it is possible to carry out this rescue – We just need your support. These rabbits need you. Please help if you can. We have a few places to set up crates but we need as many as we can get our hands on - also x pens. Have a space for a few pens, let us know please. 100 and counting rabbits is more easily managed with many rabbit housing sites.

This rescue needs the basic supply to save these rabbits:

  • Food for the rabbits! Hay and pelleted food. Veggies.
  • Carriers of all kinds, litter lots of litter and litter boxes.
  • Cages, water bottles, food dishes, bedding, hay, pens, crates, litter boxes, litter, crock food water bowls.
  • Foster people willing to open their homes to help house babies and adults.
  • Help at the site with sexing, medicating and triage of the sick rabbits.
  • Medical care & transport is essential.
  • Transport people to take the rabbits to vet appts and moving them to foster or to other rescues.
  • Spay neuter assistance. (Sponsor a spay)
  • The rescue team needs more people to help out in the care of these rabbits. The physical management of this number of rabbits is possible with help of many volunteers.
  • Medical support off site and medications will be needed.
  • Last but not least, the rabbits will have many needs during and post rescue.
Donations can be made through The Rabbit Haven by check or via our PayPal account or to Harvest Home sent to Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary, 14741 Wing Levee Road, Stockton, CA 95206. Please indicate on your check or PayPal submission that the donation is for the Martinez rabbits. You will receive a Tax donation letter for your charitable contribution. Donations will be used for housing supplies, medication, and vet bills. A rescue of this size can easily run $5,000-$10,000! Please send whatever you can - it all will help these rabbits.

Please contact either Heather at Rabbit Haven 831 600-7479 or Karen at Harvest Home and we can give you further information. (See emails addresses below) Heather Bechtel
Rabbit Haven

Karen Courtemanche
Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary

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