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Bunny Fest 2011 Recap
July 4, 2011

Bunnyfest was a huge success! We all had a fantastic day. There was so much to enjoy- Bunny games, a bunny park, loads of bunny themed products, great speakers (Dr. Carolynn Harvey DVM and Dr. Ashley Zehnder DVM), (the audience was packed!!!) Bunny portraits were taken by Kenneth Mark, Reiki treatments by SARA, plus all the key rescue organizations/shelters in the area were present. Vendors offered an amazing array of bunny themed items. Venders included Diane Watt, For Other Living things, Bunny Love Boutique and Unique Boutique. For hungry guests, the Nibbles café was stocked with beautiful food (all vegetarian), donated by Country Gourmet. The festivities included an agility course for bunnies to play and clicker training too.

Our Rabbit Haven info tables were well stocked with great educational items and we had free gifts courtesy of Funny bunny Toy Company and Busy Bunny!!! Ray Milkey offered an interesting, helpful housing set up demonstration. Kyomi offered important Grooming for rabbits demonstration. Then Jennifer and Kyomi followed with free nail trims and grooming demos the entire day. In addition to all this, a top notch raffle was held and a Treasurers trove yard sale. This was a busy day! What fun! There was indeed something for everybunny. Naturally, we also had a Lagomorph lounge. There, tired bunnies could take a break from the festivities and have some hay and water while their families shopped and ventured about at Bunnyfest.

Dr. Harvey Dr. Zehnder
Our keynote speakers were two talented rabbit veternarians. Dr. Carolynn Harvey held an open forum, fielding questions from the audience about rabbits and their care. There were discussions about rabbit digestion, feeding, parasites and diseases, as well as broader topics like caring for older rabbits and rabbit teeth problems. Dr. Ashley Zehnder lead a discussion about infectious diseases in rabbits like EC, pasteurella and coccidia, and how rabbit caretakers can prevent transmission of these infections from sick animals to healthy ones. Notes from Dr. Zehnder's presentation are available in our archives.

This was an awesome event and we are already planning for 2012 Bunnyfest. Thank you to the family of For Other Living things for co sponsoring this event. Thank you to all the volunteers that made this event possible. Watch for more posts on contributors, sponsors and donors. (It is a long list) Thank you to Karen and Darrel for printing the Earful, a fun magazine created for Bunnyfest by Cathy of FOLT. This was indeed a highly successful fundraiser for The Rabbit Haven and a a great community event.

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