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Update: November 16, 2012
Of all 20 rabbits that come into the Santa Cruz Animal Care and Control shelter system 11-06-12 from La Selva Beach rescue, are all out of the shelter, effective 11-11-2012, just as the shelter directed/ with one exception: One rabbit died at the shelter soon after arriving.

The Rabbit Haven did not have time to reach out for full scale rescue given the extremely limited time frame that we had to move the rabbits out of the sally port. A large number of cats/dogs incoming to the shelter flooded the SC shelter center and there was no room left for the rabbits. Therefore, we took the foster option.

The Haven Network posting on social media was very effective, and combined with two fosters from SC county; the posts resulted in foster coverage for all the rabbits that were part of this rescue. The Birdland neighbors group San Mateo and Washington school system (San Jose) posts were especially effective. Most all rabbits have been placed in foster as a result of these groups. Thank you Jennifer and Mark. Add to that our web, NorCAL, our Haven blog (Rabbit's View) and face book and we had it covered. Thank you Diana and Ray.

Of the group, four rabbits have been formally rescued by Rabbit Haven. They are the Black injured Rex, A183968, small dark dwarf female (Sasha), A183082, a small dark lop female Gretta, A183979 and a black lop, Jiaidev, A183974. All have been spayed/neuter as of today 11-15.

Happily we were also able to rescue four additional SC shelter rabbits from the front rabbit area. Logan, Millie, Willie and Chip (all white rabbits the shelter needed to leave from the Rabbit room & shelter foster). The rescued rabbits are now all safe and secured in homes.

The current fostered female rabbits will be spayed immediately through the Rabbit Haven to prevent litters. After that, males will be neutered as soon as we can obtain funding to get them done. We are seeking donations to help us get this done. After Spay /neuter, these rabbits will be rotated into our adoption shows until they are all adopted.

All in all this is a very good solution to the shelter's urgent need for animal rescue. They had to leave or they would have been euthanized. Now, each rabbit is in foster care, in a happy, healthy setting and are begin well cared for.

The Haven provided all foster set up supply: Pens, ground covers, sheets, towels (courtesy of Annie's) hay, food, litter boxes, food & water dishes and Haven information packets. Leslie, the SC shelter advocate provided screening, training and foster set up. Great work! Haven will provide placement follow up. Note: We are totally out of X pens so if anyone has an x pen to donate, let me know.

Thank you to SC Animal control for bringing the rabbits into safety and to all fosters, rescue and our networking team, for saving the lives of these rabbits. Deepest thanks to FOSCCA for helping too! Watch for our follow up reports about rescue teams and placement.

November 8, 2012
20 Rabbits saved by quick thinking Good Samaritan

The La Selva Beach Rescue 11-6-2012 - Our Election Day event!

Late in the evening the Haven received an urgent call from a community member reporting that a large number of rabbits had been dumped on their property. They had worked quickly to collect the rabbits and sought a place where they would be safe. Given the large number and urgency for housing, they were referred to SC animal care and control and arrangements were made for their surrender. SCACC went into action right away, contacting the family and making needed arrangements to pick up the abandoned rabbits.

The family stated that they observed a landscape truck dump out the rabbits, and then drive away! They were simply astonished that this would occur. They said it was difficult to gather all of the rabbits, but they did it. Due to the kindness of this family, most all of the rabbits were brought into safety and are now housed at the Santa Cruz Shelter. 20 rabbits in all were brought in from this site, 10 females and 10 males.

The rabbits are all friendly. Many were stunned and their fur was hard & discolored. Some have minor wounds and most show signs of very poor housing (most likely on wire due to foot issues). Several had fecal matter hardened on the bottoms of their back feet. Still others had course debris filled fur and they were all very dirty.

Rabbit Haven staff went to work as soon as we learned the rabbits arrived. We came in with the shelter advocate and sexed/evaluated all rabbits. We then provided clean housing, bountiful hays, fresh water and nice litter boxes. The rabbits responded after a night's rest by finally relaxing in clean rooms, enjoying their space and exploring their play areas… gingerly at first, but happily soon after. The shelter is very receptive and helpful to Haven staff as we work in the back sally port area.

Beecher Photography came out to take photos: you can see the photo gallery online. We are missing the four females who were being spayed. One sable dwarf, a sable lop, and two other lop mix bunnies.

Diana Moll also came in to offer each bunny nail trims, foot and fur grooming (as much as possible) for the first grooming day. They look so much better. Haven brought in all needed supply for the rabbits currently being housed in the Sally port of the SC shelter. A nice, fresh bale of Hay, Food, food /water Crocks, litter and litter boxes, plus toys of course. Thank you to Scotts Valley Feed for putting all this together at a moment's notice and for offering the Haven a very good price.

After only one day, all of the rabbits look so much better. Their fur is cleaner, their nails are trimmed and they are able to clean themselves. All are housed on soft sheets or towels, each with a fresh clean litter box, food/water dishes, a toy and fresh greens. They even have exercise areas to play in when volunteers come in to spend time with them. So much has been accomplished and it shows in these little bunnies. All of the rabbits are much more relaxed this evening.

The next step is for each one to be spayed or neutered so they can be adopted. (Four spays occurred on November 7). You may contribute to the rabbits' spay/neuter fund by making a donation via PayPal, or by check, or if you like, you can help with transport to spay neuter service centers. Contact Heather about this. You can also suggest names. They each need a name. Send your name ideas to Heather director@therabbithaven.org. Of course you can also foster, adopt or rescue. The rabbits need donations of large bath towels, flat sheets, paper towel rolls stuffed with hay and toys of wicker and hard plastic. All of this will help them be comfortable while the wait for adoption.

Sadly, both the SC shelter system and Rabbit Haven foster networks are full so we are both working to spay all the females and will be looking for immediate fosters adopters or other rescue. Remember the Rabbit Haven provides all set up for each foster. Pen, sheets, ground cover, litter box food water dishes and toys. Plus the rabbit is a safe carrier.

The males may go right away - If rescued, they go with a neuter certificate from the Haven. If adopted, the SC shelter will provide the neuter certificate. As always, FOSCCA is there in support of the rabbits of Santa Cruz. Their support allows us to receive extra medical support as needed. We have a pending grant. All of these rescued rabbits will be avail for new homes Very soon. Note: These rabbits have very limited time at the shelter. The time to help is now!

The rabbits are beautiful! There are many dark or honey colored quasi lop bunnies, Rex Mix bunnies, lops, dwarfs and English spot mix bunnies. 2.5 pounds to 6 pounds. Only one small Rex lop male has injuries that will require vet care. He is healing very well. I will take him over to Dr Stern tomorrow or ask the shelter vet to examine and prescribe medication. All of the rabbits seem so hungry and have been eating non stop. They love attention. So think about coming by for TLC time. Check with me re: times please. Caring for the rabbits at the shelter is a very important way you can help.

Dedicated Haven Volunteers will be needed 6 days a week to provide care for these rabbits. We started 11-6 and need to continue offering support to assure the rabbits can remain until they are adopted. Please CALL right away if you can help care for these rabbits - Morning times are good or by 11 AM. Monday through Sunday. Any time will do - Call Heather at 831 600-7479. Volunteer Help is need immediately.

Haven brought in three x pens, sheets and towels to care for the back room rabbits. This makes their care very easy to manage. If we can maintain the rabbit's care, we can save all of their lives. The SC shelter does not have staff to care for a sally port area filled with rabbits. They are barely able to cover their current heavy workload. Remember, this shelter is only designed to house 9 rabbits.

Yet another Issue: the day after this rescue there was another Rabbit dump in the SC sister shelter in Watsonville. This shelter also has a rescue group of 9 which pushes them over capacity. This shelter is designed to house only 4-5 rabbits. They are now waiting for space at SC shelter. This puts extra pressure on us in SC to move the SC rabbits out to foster, adoptive homes or to rescue.

Thank you for reading our report. I look forward to hearing from you. Any ideas, rescue support foster space -spay neuter transport offers- let me know - Together we can make it through this large rescue.

Love to each one of you reading this. Thank you for your compassion and support.
Auntie Heather
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