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Critical Overflow at Small Santa Cruz Shelter
Update: September 29, 2010
The Santa Cruz Rescue is now complete! 95% of these rabbits have been placed. All of the rescued rabbits were spayed and neutered using a special grant from The Rabbit Haven. Sadly, one sweet rabbit, Eva, died of a brain tumor about 3 weeks post admission, but the rest were all saved. Happily, many happy families have added one of these pretty little bunnies to their families. Awesome rabbits! Great team work between Santa Cruz Animal Control, Rabbit Haven, shelter managers and the two shelter advocates.

Thank you to our donors for supporting all the surgeries, medical care and spay neuter services! Thank you to Oxbow Health for their donation of food and Hay. Kudos to Mountain Meadows Pet Products Inc. that provided all the litter for these bunnies, and the customers of For Other Living Things for all the food, toys and items donated for these rabbits. Last but not least, our deepest appreciation to Bunny Bytes, Busy Bunny, Karen/Darrel Thomas and Kyomi for creating the sweet gifts bags each adopted Santa Cruz rescue bunny received.

Special thank you to all our fosters who made all these rescues possible.

July 16, 2010
Two rabbits from the shelter
23 dwarf rabbits were surrendered by a local Breeder, bringing our Santa Cruz shelter into critical overflow - 38 rabbits in house with room for only 6! And 65 more may be coming soon.

Animal control agents brought in these rabbits finding the breeder to have far more than he could possibly house appropriately. Now, the breeder will have 2 weeks to move out an additional 65! So, we may be receiving even more in very soon. We are operating on a very short time schedule.

Two rabbits from the shelter

This is an extremely urgent rescue situation. We need to move the rabbits out to rescue very soon. We will need foster sites/adoptive homes/donors/help of all kind. Will you help these rabbits? Do you have space to set up one to three pens of rescued bunnies? Even one?

Call Please. 831 600-7479. There has to be something you can do.

These are small dwarf bunnies. They are a bit alarmed right now but generally sweet. Coming from their former living situation this must seem like a palace. But sadly the shelter will not allow these rabbits to remain very long. The shelter staff have been great. They are willing to hold out for rescue for a limited time. We have agreed to help in the rescue. We have to move these rabbits before the next group comes in. Having them there also puts all the other rabbits up front at this shelter at immediate risk. The shelter had 13 prior to this dump! The situation is dire. The Santa Cruz shelter is very small. It will even help to move out existing rabbits in the front of the shelter to make more room. We need to act quickly!

Sadly the Haven foster sites are full at the moment so it will be next to impossible for us to move these rabbits into our program. They need immediate rescue or additional foster support. We would need to set up a minimum of 10 foster sites to pull this off so call today if you can foster. We provide all supplies that you would need to house and care for your foster bunny and you provide the love, care and support. A class will be held to provide training for you in the care and proper housing of the rabbit. Rescue is certainly an option. Adoption is possible too. Let me know what you think, I will help you work out details.

rabbit cages in the garage at the shelter

These rabbits are housed in a garage at the shelter. There is literally no other room! Each cage is filled with two rabbits. The rabbits will need immediate help, they need veggies, hay, extra food. Let me know what you want to do. Call me not the shelter. The shelter is very short staffed and super busy! So much will be needed to help these sweet bunnies. Let's pull together and find a solution.

Good news! Of this group there does not appear to be any with injuries- All females are most likely pregnant so the shelter manager and The Rabbit Haven are working against the clock to get the females spayed tomorrow and Friday. We will work with the shelter to cover these costs. Even though the shelter is very short staffed, they are working very hard to help. Kudos to their Animal control Department.

Two rabbits from the shelter

Hopefully former shelter rabbit volunteers can go in to assist in the care of these sweet bunnies. Or if you are not a shelter volunteer you can always offer fresh veggies, hay, towels, toys. These rabbits have very little, just the basics (more than they had): Food, water, hay and a litter box.

I have set up The Haven site to bring extra supplies the rabbits may need for now, contact me for the needs list and donation drop off sites. In brief: pelleted food, Oxbow or an alfalfa based Purina will do. These bunnies need to eat, some are underweight. They also need hay, litter, litter boxes, soft towels, sheets, x pens, toys, grooming supplies and food and water dishes, preferably 5" crockery dishes. If you cannot rescue or foster, you may wish to donate instead. You can make a cash donation to help with this large rescue via Paypal, or donate by check.

Contact me if you can help 831 600-7479

Love, Auntie Heather - The Rabbit Haven

Please help us help all these rabbits - They must get out of the shelter ASAP!

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