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Press release 03/07/05

Easter Perils For Bunny &
Make Your Bunny an Easter Basket Full of Fun

Hello bunny friends

Easter is at the end of March this year. Along with all the festivities, there are dangers you must consider, especially for your precious bunny! We decided to put together a short list of things to look out for and be careful about during the Easter season to keep your bunny safe. We also have a fun idea for you and your rabbit (s) Easter Baskets for Your Bunny - (full instructions given...)

Easter Perils for Bunny

Danger #1- If your rabbit is free range, please be mindful of where
you hide your Easter baskets. Just because your kids may have a hard time finding them doesn't mean it will be too hard for your clever rabbit. Also chocolate is very dangerous to pets, especially your bunny. High sugar treats are also a big no-no -- they can make him very sick.

Danger #2- Please be careful of the plastic "grass" many people put in their Easter baskets. Your rabbit may choose to nibble on it which poses a danger of getting caught in his teeth or binding up his intestines if swallowed. Make sure all the plastic "grass" is picked up off your floor before giving your rabbit access to the area.

Danger #3- Please, please please, do not buy a bunny for yourself or a friend on impulse! This happens often this time of year, even when people are not prepared to own a bunny. It is a good idea to never buy someone else a rabbit or other pet unless you know for sure that they are equipped to care for it. Too many rabbits die due to neglect because their owners don't know how to care for them or because the "newness" wears off.
Rabbits purchased as Easter gift often end up dumped outside in the wild or at local shelters where over crowding is always a concern. We are not saying to never adopt a rabbit during Easter time, but, as with any animal companion adoption, all parties must know what they are getting into BEFORE taking on the responsibility. A rabbit is a delicate animal and a 10 year commitment! If you really know someone who wants a rabbit, consider giving an adoption gift certificate from the Rabbit Haven. This way the person can come to one of our adoption shows or contact us directly. We always have many rabbits to choose from and we will be happy to help them find the perfect bunny companion.

Easter time doesn't have to be a negative event for your rabbit! After all, bunny is part of the family too! So how about creating a special Easter basket just for your bunny? Here's some ideas on how to put one together. Basket of treats for bunny- now that is a great idea!

Don't have a bunny? Then show how much you care by making up baskets for your local shelter and bring it to the many bunnies waiting for loving homes.

How to make a bunny Easter basket:

1. Find a great willow basket that is non treated and plain willow (no paint, stain, or varnish). A very reliable source for these is from For Other Living Things and sometimes Beverly's fabric in Santa Cruz. Very inexpensive.
2. Fill the basket with yummy Timothy hay leaving room at the top to put in a few toys and treats for bunny. Toys can include hay filled paper rolls, (using a cut up empty paper towel dispenser. Stuff with hay and tie on a bell with raffia. Bunnies enjoy tossing this about and making noise!)
Other toys:
- Barrel wheel toy make of hard plastic
- Plastic (Hard ones only) baby keys You can get these at Target for @$1.00!
- Maybe a slinky of hard plastic
- A wire batta ball found in the cat section at most pet shops- Fun!!!!!
Other basket contents may include:
Pieces of untreated wood or those cute vegetable colored carrot sticks from your local pet store.
-A stuffed bunny friend especially if your bunny is "single"- Be creative !
3. Then you could add a cube or two of Timothy cubes sold a good pet stores. Scotts Valley feed has them in bulk.
4. Don't forget to add some carrot tops or parsley to your basket at the last minute so it stays fresh.

Find Toys & Supplies online:

1. Busy bunny http://www.busybunny.com
2. For other living things http://www.forotherlivingthings.com
Both have great toys! We recommend the 5" mats from For Other Living Things and the Busy Bunny Timothy filled ball to really spoil your bunny!

If you are shopping locally try:

Target, Toys 'R' Us, Cali Feed, Pet Food Express, Petsmart, PetPals, Hansen's Feed, and Scotts Valley Feed.

Imagine how much fun your bunny can have with this basket?

Rabbit Haven will be making up some of these baskets at our next gathering - We are planning to provide them to shelter and foster bunnies.

It's fun to go select these toys and your bunny or a shelter bunny will certainly appreciate a basket from YOU. If you decide you want to make up some baskets but don't have time to go to your shelter, check with
Rabbit haven director@therabbithaven.org. We can pick up baskets you make and deliver them with those we are making. It seems we never have enough for all the shelter bunnies that sit and wait at shelters. Our Haven representatives will be delivering baskets Saturday, March 26th the day before Easter. Call or email us to find out more ways you can help.

If you don't have time to shop consider making a donation to our shelter basket project. www.therabbithaven.org - You can use Pay Pal (director@therabbithaven.org) or send your check to The Rabbit Haven, PO Box 66594 Scotts Valley Ca, 95067 Please call to let us know you will be sending a donation. (831) 239-7119

The bunnies truly need your help!

Media contact: Heather Bechtel
831 239-7119 440-0282
Scotts Valley Ca
Email: Director@therabbithaven.org

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