Support The Haven's Bunnies With AmazonSmile

This year Asbestos Victims of America (AVA), The Rabbit Haven's sponsoring non-profit, has registered with AmazonSmile for the benefit of The Rabbit Haven! The Rabbit Haven organization was developed by AVA as a TLC program for people who were sick and dying to offer them TLC bunny support and the chance to be with a loving companion while they were ill. Visiting staff often took rabbits to hospitals and nursing homes as well as to individual homes. Soon we discovered there was a huge need for TLC companions, and more space opened for foster, more rescues occurred. Then families asked if they could foster, and we set up that program. Finally AVA accepted The Rabbit Haven as a major project. It is a perfect fit! Since 1980, The Rabbit Haven has grown and expanded to be such a success that AVA is now listing AVA dba the Rabbit Haven. All AVA's needs are met and now The Haven educates, rescues, fosters, and adopts rabbits in need all during the year!

The Great news is this: AVA (full name is Asbestos Victims of America), has just set up an Amazon Smile account. So, all of us that shop Amazon can now also contribute the Rabbit Haven using Amazon smile. Just select us at this link. Use this for your Amazon purchases and Amazon donates .5% to the Rabbit Haven! And this does not cost you one cent. 100% of all contributions coming from AmazonSmile to AVA go directly to The Rabbit Haven! You can also see a video from Amazon that describes the program.

Our bunnies thank you for your continued support of our rescue programs. Through programs like AmazonSmile, we can continue our life-saving and restorative work, helping at-risk bunnies recover from their medical problems and find homes of their own.

Designed by James Farris