Jasper’s Challenge for Biff
Update: January 10, 2017
Biff and Jasper

Great news! Jasper's $250 challenge for Biff was met in full, resulting in $500 in donations toward his veterinary expenses. With additional donations that came in after the challenge was complete, we raised enough money for Biff to have his incisor and neuter surgery by Dr. Carolynn Harvey, DVM at Chabot Veterinary Clinic. Biff is recovering well at his medical foster home. Thank you to everyone who supported Biff and donated towards his care.

December 27, 2016

Hi, I’m Jasper, a sassy little bunny who was adopted from The Rabbit Haven a few years ago. When I first came into The Haven, I had a serious hip injury that required a big surgery to fix. The surgery was scary, but I completely recovered with the help of my vet and my foster family. There is a little bunny living in our house now named Biff. He has an eye injury and a broken tooth that will need surgery to correct. The surgery will be expensive, but he really needs it. I want to help him get the care he needs.

When I needed help, lots of people donated money to help pay for my surgery. Now it’s my turn to give back. For every dollar people donate to Biff, I will donate a dollar, up to $250. That means that together we can raise $500 toward Biff’s vet bills. This will go a long way towards getting him the help he needs.

To help meet my challenge, click here to donate using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check.

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