Our first Haven Bunny Hop. A great success!
Bunnies at the Bunny Hop

We held our first Rabbit Haven Bunny Hop event at Pet Food Express (PFE) in Blossom Hill Sunday, March 19th. It was a wonderful day and everyone had so much fun. Thank you to the owners and managers of Pet Food Express for hosting this delightful event.

The PFE community center was the perfect spot for the Bunny Hop. The space was safe, sweet, and designed for bunny happiness and play. We brought in toys, hays, games and fun areas created to let them explore. What an exciting day for all our visiting rabbits and their humans. We did our best to create an amusement land for bunnies.

The Bunny Hop space was active all day. Once the bunnies settled in they wanted to stay and play with their guardians close by. Bunny parents talked and shared their favorite bunny stories and watched their little ones have fun. We also brought in handmade items from our Bunny Bee for our guests. Several people purchased these gentle rabbit items, especially our new pod carrier that makes holding your rabbit easy and safe.

Over 40 rabbits attended on opening day. Each bunny was welcomed and felt at ease. Some rabbits were outgoing and some were shy. Some bunnies hopped over and greeted other bunnies right away. They were all very curious and interested.

All in all it was a great experience for every bun and everyone! By the end of the day it seemed that the bunnies were super relaxed and happy. It was a cozy, delightful day. The rabbits played in tunnels, jumped over or went around agility bars, or had fun in maze houses. There was no end to new toys to explore. Each bunny was able to enjoy their time as they wanted. This is the way of the bunny Hop play area.

So far the feedback has been great. We have already set the date for our next Haven Bunny Hop event. It will be held on April 30th on Sunday inside the Pet Food Express Community center room on Blossom Hill Rd. San Jose. 12 noon. You and your bunny are welcome to join in the fun! Watch our web site for booking information and also our Facebook page. Those on our mailing list will receive a personal letter. If you want to be added to our mailing list, please visit our mailing list subscription page.

Designed by James Farris