Emergency Rescue Support for Flood Victims

In disasters - Please do not leave your Animals behind

Take in Carriers (Rabbits, Guinea pigs and other exotic pets you may have) or in Cages or carriers (birds).
Transport larger animals out of flood areas: Check road condition carefully if you are using a trailer.
Can’t transport: Move to higher ground in flood. Notify your emergency rescue teams fire department and other emergency rescue teams that you have animals, how many and where they are located.
Small animals in homes: too many animals to take in evacuation? Post large sign on your door and on inside of your window facing out so rescue staff can see if you are forced to leave without them.

Animals inside                   location in house
-         Dogs                   ________________
-         Cats                   ________________
-         Birds                  ________________       
-         other                  ________________

If you have outdoor animals PLEASE give them a way to get to higher ground. Notify OES (408) 794-7055 or call 911 for assistance to evacuate (per OES)
Horses/large animals: support is avail now, 2.21 in San jose areas affected areas to help evacuate horses large animals–Rescue teams are out in the San jose areas already to help evacuate horse and other large animals.
408- 794 7297 Animal support Number issued by Office of emergency services

Call OES at For more information, please contact:
Office of Emergency Services
855 N. San Pedro Street
San Jose, CA 95110
(408) 794-7055
Call us and we will provide assistance and contacts to help 831 239-7119

flooding on a freeway

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