Foster Homes Urgently Needed
Update: January 17, 2017

Happily many of you stepped up and helped- Such kindness was shown by so many. All three shelter bunnies are safe and in foster (two with HRS!) Thank you HRS. Then, Sheldon and Kalani were adopted! Hurray! Lilac, Pipkin, Kalyn, Kazumi, Tafetta, Keegan, Kato and Fleur found foster but some for only two more weeks.

The following rabbits must have foster in the next 2 weeks: Keegan and Kato, (or ASAP) then Kalyn and Kazumi, Fleur, Monarch, Flash and Pipkin. Will you help them –they are simply adorable rabbits.

So please look around and see who you can fit in. Remember the Haven provides all your set up: X-pen, floor cover, topper, litter box, toy & food water dishes. You provide the litter, food and LOVE. Call Heather at 831 600-7479 11AM to 8PM M-Sat if you can help. We can set you up off site or you can come into the adoption show.

Ok Call right away or email

Shelter Bunny Shelter Bunny Shelter Bunny
Sheldon Kalani Kato
Kayln Kazumi Keegan
Monarch Dash Taffeta
Lavender Lilac Pipkin

Do you have room in your heart and home to support one foster bunny? Foster or adoptive homes desperately needed for all of these rabbits by this Sunday, January 15, 2017. Can you help? Please look around your home. Do you have space for one little x-pen somewhere?

Each one of these adorable bunnies needs love and support and a safe place to be. Training, all set up supplies (x-pen, flooring, food and water dishes, and litter box) are provided for you. You provide the love and support. Please help these little ones.

The Rabbit Haven handles all adoptions either off site or at our adoption shows. Will you please help out a little bunny? Call (831) 239-7119 or (831) 600-7479 or email Auntie Heather at if you can help.

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