The Rabbit Haven Assisting Monterey Area Shelter with Large Confiscation
Update: February 18, 2017

The Rabbit Haven went out a second day today to assist the MCSPCA shelter in setting up additional housing and bringing in needed supply. These rabbits are so fortunate to have been rescued! As you viewed on the newspaper post, they came from horrific conditions.

A huge note of thanks to the MCSPCA shelter and ACC for bringing these rabbits to safely.

Today we were able to help setup 5 potential baby nursery units, 7 x-pens housing and 2 Leith Petwerks housing units. These items were pulled direct from The Rabbit Haven inventory.

We will need additional housing and supply items to support these rabbits: We are in touch with Leith Petwerks to order two more 3 story condo units – In addition, we are asking if anyone has a used Leith condo unit that they can donate, please call the director ASAP 831 239-7119. We can pick up and deliver. 8 more rabbits still need condo space.

We are also in communication with Leith Petwerks to secure housing and several of our wonderful sponsors Scotts Valley Feed, Pet Pals, and Pet food express to gather all the rest of the supplies we need: Litter boxes, crockery dishes and next week more grass hay and good quality pellets.

Projected cost is $500 to $1,000. You can help. Donate, send supply, and eventually after the confiscation hold is over these rabbits can be spayed neutered and will be available to adopt. Thank you to our donors $125.00 in already! Follow our posts to learn more. You can donate using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check.

Update: February 17, 2017
rabbit in wire cage

The Monterey SPCA shelter is receiving their first donation from The Rabbit Haven this afternoon. Rabbit Haven is supplying bales of hay and rabbit pellets. We are working on greens delivery as well. We may need someone close to Salinas to pick up the order at the feed supply store and take it over to the shelter nearby. Call for details. Due to the winds the phones are down at the store.

Local delivery staff requested: Anyone in the Monterey area who wishes to donate fresh greens, please call Heather so we can coordinate delivery and need. The shelter has many more animals who need this food now. One rabbit has given birth to babies at the shelter and those are safe inside the center. They will need special alfalfa hay and mom needs greens and TLC of course. We will send down sweet holding blankets from the Bunny Bee team to keep them comfortable.

The shelter staff are going out to pick up additional animals from the site today 2.17.2017. Tomorrow we are delivering two housing units (Leith condos) to help them care for their recently rescued rabbits. Haven staff will be on hand next week to offer grooming services and additional support. We will send a photographer to take photos of these rabbits as soon as the confiscation hold is over and we can have access to the rabbits at the shelter.

Enrichment items will be helpful next week. We are gathering toys from all donors to take down there. Wicker toys especially and hard plastic balls. These rabbits are beginning to understand that they are safe. Contact the Rabbit Haven at (831) 239-7119 (831) 600-7479 or email to coordinate toy and food deliveries.

Call right away the animals cannot wait! 831 239-7119 831 Hours 11 AM to 11 PM

Watch for updates.

February 17, 2017
Photos provided by SPCA of Monterey County

The Rabbit Haven is assisting the SPCA of Monterey with a large confiscation of animals from a breeding facility. Rabbits, sheep, goats, and chickens were seized due to unsanitary and unsafe living conditions for the animals. The Haven has offered to help in the care of the rabbits found there. We are gathering needed staff and supplies and are ready at a moment's notice to go in to assist staff at this shelter.

We will begin immediately assessing supplies needed, and gather staff the shelter needs now to help the shelter with housing and later on with rescue as needed. We will need financial support, item donations, and foster homes to house these abused and neglected rabbits. If you want to help, contact Heather at or (831)239-7119 or donate using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check.

For a full description of the confiscation, please see this newspaper article from The Californian

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