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Update: February 16, 2017
Bunny at risk Bunny at risk Bunny at risk

Hello bunny friends,
Only 7 of us rabbits remain from the big rescue who need help at the silicon valley shelter. We each want and deserve a special home. Will you please help us? The Haven has detailed info about all of us, just ask. Email Heather at or call 831 239-7119 11am to 11 PM - We need your help! Two of us have end dates of the 18th and the 20th. The Rabbit Haven will transport - Please call right away.
Love to you -The shelter bunnies

Call now 831 239-7119 Email director@!

February 5, 2017

Rescue, Foster and Donations urgently needed to cover expenses, exams, spay and neuter for 29 rabbits

A local shelter we work with just took in 29 rabbits! This is on top of a full shelter with rabbit on the needs rescue list. In addition at the same time 9 guinea pigs were dropped off. We also rescue guinea pigs. Cavy house just picked up 9 others last week and now this. We are overfull.

The rabbits are a combination of lops, rexes, hotot mixes and gold or black dutch mix bunnies in a variety of sizes and breeds. All are so precious. They are all so scared, yet friendly and eager to get clean, warm and to eat. They were so hungry. Imagine just being brought in boxes and dumped at a shelter! They ate nonstop as soon as they were given food tonight. Poor babies.

The Rabbit Haven sent out our first assessment team to evaluate each rabbit's sex status, to check for injuries, new mothers, pregnancies, and to gather weights and other health data. Nail trims and grooming will begin soon as well.

We need to bring hay, pellets, and additional dishes the shelter right away. It is shocking to have this herd of animals dumped on this small shelter. We will need to work fast to get them all out and into proper rescues and foster sites. Watch for the individual photo and updates soon.

Call Heather at 831 600-7479 or 831 239-7119 if you can help. Call 11 AM to 8 PM M-F or email Want to donate hay, food, or toys? These sites can take donations directly:

  • For Other Living Things, 1261 S Mary Avenue in Sunnyvale (408-739-6785)
  • PetPals, 36600 Soquel Drive in Santa Cruz (831-464-8775)
  • Scotts Valley Feed, 5470 Scotts Valley Dr in Scotts Valley (831-438-3194)

Call us and we can arrange a pick up. Thank you for helping these rabbits! They need your love.

Interested in fostering to save a life? We provide all the set up, you provide the love and support. Please help us get these bunnies to safety. Last but not least we need funds to help these rabbits. They will need veterinary care, spay and neuter surgeries, transport and foster set ups. If you would like to donate to support these bunnies, please use The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check.

Thank you for helping and please consider rescue or foster. We will post more info as we learn more about the situation. I hope to hear from you soon.
Auntie Heather
831 600-7479 831 239-7119

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