South Bay Shelter Confiscation and Rescue
Update: March 24, 2017
New rabbit area at south bay shelter

The South county rescue is proceeding very well. Every animal was rescued from the confiscation site. All rabbits and other animals were transitioned to the shelter. The new manager at the shelter has steadily been having the confiscated rabbit spayed and neutered. In addition, several have been adopted. At this point there are only 8 rabbits left that need adoptive homes and all but two have fully healed and are ready to go home. The Rabbit Haven is on call in case additional rabbits need our assistance. Look at one of the many shelter rabbits settled into his new space. What a world of difference.

Thanks to Raymond O. and Charles A. who went out to help set up the shelter space for the incoming rabbits, to Ray M. for taking photos and doing evaluation exams, and to Vicki P. who offered two days of grooming assistance to help the rabbits look and feel their best. Major kudos to Al for bringing in initial housing units and food from the Rabbit Haven that was badly needed to allow space for all the new confiscated rabbits. When shelters are inundated with a confiscation this large it makes a huge difference to have triage support. Thank you to our donors who allowed us to provide the needed supplies for all these rabbits.

Jamie the shelter manager overseeing these rabbits has been such a jewel at the shelter. Our target for spay/neuter has been met, the rabbits have received needed veterinary care and most can go home to their new families soon. What a beautiful transition for each of these sweet bunnies. From tragic living conditions and certain death to a spacious, clean and safe shelter and now to new adoptive homes. This is the good life, which they so rightly deserve. Please contact us to find out all about the adoptable South county rabbits.

February 28, 2017

South Bay shelter confiscation and rescue. 17 Rabbits confiscated. Help needed right away.

Rescue to 501(c)(3) non profit rabbit rescue groups, foster or funds urgently needed to cover medical expenses, exams, spay and neuter for 17 rabbits. We need your support. If you can take even one it will be awesome.

A local shelter we work with just confiscated 17 rabbits and many other animals from a terrible meat production/backyard breeding site. The shelter was already full so the rabbits are currently being housed in special housing condos provided by the Rabbit Haven in their insulated barn. There is simply not enough room for all these new animals at the shelter. The barn manager reported on March 1 there even more coming in soon.

The rabbits are a combination of lops, rex, hotot mix, gold or black dutch mix bunnies flemish giants and french lops. Some have injuries but they will heal! The pictures of 15 are shown below. All are so precious. They are all so scared, yet friendly and eager to get clean, warm and to have a family of their own. They have suffered a cruel life so far. Let’s change all that for these wonderful rabbits.

They have come from horrific conditions and now they must feel wonderful to be clean and have fresh food and water. The staff at the shelter really care about them and so do we. Take a look at your space. We have about two weeks max to move them out.

Vet visits, spay and neuter, nail trims and grooming will begin soon. If a few groups took even one or two it will be a great help. Please check your space and see who might go where. Feel free to talk with us about what type of rabbit works best at your center and what you need to make the rescue work. We can work this out.

We offer transport or we can meet you - just ask. We can also gather spay funds for the females (much needed). Please help these rabbits. They are lovely bunnies. We will need to work fast to get them all out and into proper rescues and foster sites. The bunnies say, “We are ready and pack up quick”! “We are waiting!” Each rabbit will come with their own treat bag.

Call Heather at 831 600-7479 or 831 239-7119 if you can help. We will post any end dates as they are given. Call 11 AM to 8 PM Monday thru Friday or email Please call or email today. You can also donate using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check.

Foster Option: If you want to foster one of these rabbits for the Rabbit Haven please let us know. We provide all set up supplies and you provide the love and home.

Bunnies needing rescue

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