In Northern CA County Shelter. 8 rabbits needs rescue

Please act today. CALL 831 239-7119/ 831 600-7479 831 588-6676 (heather or Leslie)

One of our local shelters has been inundated with groups of abandoned rabbits! Worse yet, there are an additional 30+ rabbits waiting to come in! This is an untenable situation for this small shelter. We need to reach out to you for your help. Read, share on facebook, twitter, refer & repost please. We have Very little time.

The shelter has space for 9 rabbits. In former times they shelter could house in the sally port. However this year, the temperatures over 100 in the sally port, it is impossible to house animals in there. The rabbits are now taking space in cat kennels which are also full and in the medical units.

Bottom line is that 8 rabbits need rescue or adoption right away! 17 rabbits is far too many for this shelter.

The Rabbit Haven has already taken in 9 from this shelter this week and we are at capacity with 132 rabbits in system. We can help in many other ways. We are offering transport to your door, foster sets ups if you want to foster under the Rabbit Haven and Spay neuter services are to be provided through the shelter. Many of these rabbits are already spayed neutered and all are very healthy.

Please help. Call right away. We appreciate your feedback, ideas and rescue support. 831 2390-7119 11Am to 11PM M-F 831 588-6676 10 Am to 5 PM Email anytime Director@therabbithaven.org

Take a look at these beautiful rabbits. Let me know which one(s) you may want and when and when you want them. Thank you so much for your help for these precious rabbits!

Heather Bechtel- Director/ The Rabbit Haven September 6, 2017

Urgent Care 1

Thelma Female 2.9# female 12 weeks

Urgent Care 2

Ginger Female 3.8# female Very young

Urgent Care 3

Georgia Female 5#

Urgent Care 4

Amazing Isadora spayed 9.8 # Female 10 pounds - Beautiful

Urgent Care 5

Mara Female 5.3# Delightful sweet bunny

Urgent Care 6

Eva female 4.3#A gem. Playful and delicate.

Urgent Care 7

Carolina Female Adult spayed- Deeply affectiohnate

Urgent Care 8

Cricket; Female spayed 5.6# Friendly happy girl

Urgent Care 9

Millie Female 4# Female spayed Delightful REW

Urgent Care 10

Noah Male Neutered Super sweet 4.2 lb Nice bunny-Calm

Urgent Care 11

Julian – Male neutered Charming, Relaxed yet playful

Urgent Care 12

Coco Female spayed Darling 5# This photo does not do her justice. She is really pretty! Besides she is so loving.

Urgent Care 13

Heidi female 6.2# Just arrived !!!

Urgent Care 14

Louise Female 2.5# Little cutie!!too young to spay now.

Urgent Care 15

Autumn Female 3.14# Not quite old enough to spay

Urgent Care 16

Zoe female 1.6# Baby

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