Coco and Alana Need Immediate Rescue
Update: September 29, 2014

Alana was rescued from the shelter, and is now safe in Haven foster care. Alana has a wonderful pending adopter who lives a distance away. We are making arrangements now for the adoption and transport.

Update: September 22, 2014

Coco, due out of a South Bay shelter on 9-20 got out just in time. She went into a Haven foster home and is doing very well. Thank you to everyone who wrote about Coco. Coco is a pretty chocolate girl. So very lucky to have gotten out of the shelter in time.

Alana is still in need of rescue. She must get out this week.

September 19, 2014



Hello I am Coco. I was abandoned in a box in a parking lot. A nice person brought me to this shelter. I thought I was safe. I am not. Now they want me out tomorrow.

I am currently on death row at a shelter. I need out 9-20 and if you can help me I will appreciate it. I am a pretty color of brown and I am also spayed.

Honestly I am freaked out here as all I hear all day long is barking dogs! They scare me and I can never relax. This is primarily a dog shelter. I also cannot get out of my stainless steel cage. I need your help to get to a bunny safe home ASAP. The Rabbit Haven will get me out of the shelter 9-20 in Santa Clara but then I need a place to go. The Haven is way too full so they can work on my rescue adoption or foster then transport to you! (100 mile radius) Sound good?

Sorry for this bad photo. I am really pretty and just need to be treated well to be happy. I would truly enjoy X-pen living or just to be inside safe with my human family. I am scared here I fell like I am constantly going to be attacked. It is terrifying.

Email Heather at if you have a safe place for me. I need urgent rescue so foster is ok too. Please call 831 600-7479 or 831 239-7119.



Hello I am Alana and I need to get out of my shelter in 5 days. I have until September 25th. I am a big, beautiful, spayed, loving and affectionate girl.

My shelter is tiny and crowded. I am housed out in a hallway in a small wire cage and I have to deal with people and all sorts of other animals going right by my cage every day. That is too much. This shelter does not have any space for me. My Haven shelter advocate can get me out and will help transport me within 75 miles of Hollister, CA.

Please think about me and see if you have any space where I can stay. I'd really love a forever home, but a rescue or foster will be ok too. The Rabbit haven will provide a foster set up for a local person near San Jose or Santa Cruz. I have angel funding for my adoption if you decide on adoption. Will you help me? Call 831 600-7479 Heather is waiting for you call. She will be working until 11 PM Friday eve. Checking both Email and phone. So call right away please.

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