Thank You for the Gifts from Our Amazon Wish List
Reeshi with some Amazon Gifts Percy with some items from our Amazon wish list

The Haven's bunnies would like to thank all of our supporters who made generous gifts from our Amazon wish list. The response was overwhelming, with medical supplies, bedding, toys, warmers, books and special foods coming in. Each item will be used at our foster homes, medical sites, adoption shows or spay/neuter clinics. These donations are so important to our program, and can literally save the lives of bunnies in need.

If you have some funds left on an Amazon gift card that you'd like to use, or would like to help our bunnies, please consider donating items from our wish list. We still need some consumable items that are used at our spay/neuter clinics, as well as items for our foster sites like toys, crocks and blankets. Every donation counts, and it all goes to the bunnies! If you are interested, you can see our wish list here. Thanks again to all of our generous donors!

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