Bake Sale to Support Caroline
December 3, 2014
Baked Goods

Calling all bakers,

We are having a bake sale this Saturday December 6 at For Other living Things and need baked goods to sell. Sioux will be coordinating the sale and could use a bit of help setting up and then selling baked good during the day. We hope to raise $600.00 on Saturday to help support Caroline, who needs continuing care after begin injured so badly last month. Our vet bills are well over $5,000. She spent two day in ICU, then has needed ongoing vet care every since she was discharged from the hospital!

We are determined to save her leg and it is looking good! Her jaw, head, nose and mouth are all functional once again! Her life is looking up! She is such a sweet bunny. We are determined to help her get well. She will come to visit this coming Saturday.

We need many lovely, fun, baked items to fill out the table. Cookies, fudge, anything you can imagine is perfect! The last sale was incredible –the baked good looked amazing!!!! Last bake sale I was truly impressed – Our bake sale looked like a fancy bakery!!!

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