Chance and Zeke Seek Help for Jumanji

Hello everyone, we are Chance and Zeke, two bunnies who had medical problems and ended up getting cured by The Rabbit Haven and their amazing vets. We are taking a few minutes out of our busy day of eating hay, napping, digging and begging for treats to tell you about a bunny named Jumanji. Jumanji is staying in our house as a foster bunny while he fights a nasty infection in his mouth. He is having a big surgical procedure to remove an infected tooth and an abscess, and this is going to cost a lot of money. Our friends at the Petfinder Foundation have pledged a challenge grant of $350 for Juju (that's what our family calls him.) This means that for every dollar that people donate for Juju's vet bills, Petfinder will donate the same amount, up to $350! That's $700 for Jumanji, which will go a long way to covering his expenses.

Both of us had nasty abscesses before our vets fixed us up, so we know that Juju is hurting and scared now. Can you help him out with a small donation? If so, please use The Rabbit Haven's PayPal account, or send them a check. Please indicate on your donation that its for Jumanji, and we'll be able to get a match of your gift too! Auntie Heather thinks Juju's care may cost The Haven as much as $2000. Can you help?

Designed by James Farris