Hollister Post Easter Bunny Rescue
May 7, 2014

These rabbits were originally posted for sale during Easter then later on Craigslist by a party who wanted to dispose of them. They did not realize what it took to care for a rabbit. One of our compassionate Haven counselors viewed her Craigslist post. Seeing the condition of the babies she contacted her to offer spay services, education and rescue. She had already given away the males and the female mothers. She wanted the rest of the rabbits out.

Hollister advocates both called and emailed to offer assistance to place the rabbits -Yesterday she finally agreed to allow the rescue. Denise was able to go and pick up the babies yesterday.

Here are the photos of where they lived in Hollister with bare wood areas and dirt. Very exposed to predators. They lived in chicken areas. The family was not set up to care for rabbits. There was a little area the rabbits used as a shelter. We did not see any food, hay, or water.

We do not think the neglect was intentional. The person did not understand how to care for rabbits at all and was not interested in learning. She did not know they could breed so rapidly. It is quite overwhelming as a female can produce up to 12 in each litter and they have litters every 28-30 days. They can and do get pregnant the minute after they give birth, so back to back litters are very common - two rabbits can explode into a herd of hundreds in a very short time frame. Note: The babies are reproductive at 3.5 months. Do the math!!! This is a common post Easter story. People buy rabbits, are given no information and the situation quickly gets out of control.

Here are the little 4.5 week old cherubs. They are settling in and feeling so good tonight. No more hiding to survive and being hungry. Tonight everyone had plenty of alfalfa hay, fresh water and dishes of KMR to help supplement their growth and development. They are so cute.

Today we can all rest well knowing that these little ones are safe. Although it is hard to take in so many, seeing them in these conditions and knowing the dangers they faced we brought them in to safety. Thank you to the Hollister rescue team.

If you want to foster babies, now is the time. Call us at (831)600-7479 or Email director@therabbithaven.org. Baby supplies provided and snuggle blankets too of course. Even a front snuggle carrier.

Designed by James Farris