Joseph - Injured Easter Bunny with a Broken Leg
May 1, 2014

Joseph is healing very well from his amputation and neuter. The surgery site is very healthy. Zania's eye still awaits surgery, she needs to get bigger. For now she is medicated for pain and infection. The two bunnies have bonded and help each other through this time of repair and recovery.

Joseph has a lot more energy now and is much more comfortable after his surgery. Please continue sending your healigh thoughts to him and his sister. Her turn for surgery will be soon.

April 24, 2014
Joseph   Joseph

Hi I am Joseph. I was an Easter Bunny. Now my foot and leg are broken! I was bought as a gift for a three year old girl. She did not know how to pet or hold me. I am just 13 weeks old. Now I am injured for life.

The little human was so rough. She picked me up by my foot. I did not know what to do as I am very gentle. It hurt so badly and I cried, but it was too late. My leg was not working anymore when she finally let go and dropped me. Then the family did not take me to a vet at all. They wanted to get rid of me. Then by magic, some really great humans and The Rabbit Haven heard about me and took me away from this place where I was in such danger and hurting. They gave me medications as soon as they looked at my injury. Then I got lots of gentle care, love and a clean, safe bed to rest.

I went to see the doctor right away for pain management and evaluation. Then today I had my pre operative exam. Bad news. My foot is broken too badly to heal ever again. Also my leg is ruined. So I have to have a big surgery and I am losing my foot and my leg! I am scared. My little friend Zania, who I came in with, is also injured and we comfort each other as much as we can. Poor Zania is going to lose her eye. She was hurt by the same little child. What a terrible time it is for us.

Zania and I get to go in together tomorrow. That is reassuring. Please think of us tomorrow and send good wishes for a smooth surgery and quick healing. Please tell everyone you know that little humans are not good to play with little bunnies. No other bunnies should have to suffer like we are. This has been a nightmare for both of us. When I wake up after surgery tomorrow Zania will be there and Auntie will be there too. We are all sort of nervous tonight. Send good healing thoughts our way please.

To help me go through this process and heal you may also donate to the Rabbit Haven, either with Rabbit Haven's PayPal account or by check. Say it is for Joesph, that's me. I hear the surgery is expensive even with Haven discounts. Love to everyone. I will be courageous tomorrow. Auntie will keep you posted.

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