Kacey and Lucille Need Immediate Rescue
Update: November 29, 2014
Lucille and Kacey are Safe!

Lucille is out of the shelter today. She is resting comfortably with Sarah. Lucille goes to her surgery appointment on December 3 with Dr. Curt Nakamura, DVM at Adobe Animal Hospital for surgery to remove her mass, then, after she recovers, she will go to the HRS Rabbit Center in Richmond. We have received $300. (A $250 grant and one $50 donation). This is all we have so far to pay for her surgery. Her surgery alone is $480. Help Lucille if you can.

Kacey is leaving the shelter a few hours before her euthanasia date. She is going out to Haven foster with Cara. Next we need to get an eye exam appointment for Kacey. We need to raise $300 more to cover Kacey's initial needs. Eye injuries are expensive and eye drops alone are almost 50$! The $250 grant we received will only cover eye repair, no exam or diagnostics! She obviously needs an exam. So far we have $50 in from a Haven contributor to be used towards her exam. Will anyone match that?

Thank you everyone for your emails, encouragement and thoughtful get well wishes. If you would like to donate to the medical care of either of these special girls, you can donate using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check.

At Santa Cruz two rabbits were rescued today by SaveABunny. Max and Marla and now SAFE! Haven covered both their spay and neuter. Happily they are healthy and now very happy bunnies.

Update: November 20, 2014

Lucille‘s extension was over today at 5PM, so The Rabbit Haven rescued her and Sarah C took her home (for ice cream hay night plus TLC ). Lucille thought Sarah was leaving and so she had a bit of a tantrum – she stomped her feet and threw items in her cage. She wanted to leave. We could all relate (especially Sarah), so naturally Sarah scooped her up and took her home. Lucille is A ok now. She is exploring her room, rearranging her blankets and playing with toys. Sarah will keep Lucille close by for her surgery that is set with Dr Nakamura on 12-3 at Adobe Animal Hospital. After she recovers she will go to HRS for placement in Richmond.

Unhappily we needed to leave Kacey behind until Monday when we hope that someone will come and help her. She needs foster! Please…Kacey has a hurt eye. Other than that she is A ok. We will set her appointment for and eye check soon. Kacey asks for your support to get her out of the shelter please. She promises to be a very good bunny And eat all her hay. Call auntie Heather at 831 600-7479 or call 831 239-7119 (talk or Text) or email anytime at director@therabbithaven.org.

November 27, 2014
Kacey and Lucille

Kacey and Lucille are shelter rabbits and both have only until November 28th to get out to rescue or they are slated for euthanasia. This is an urgent rescue appeal. This is the season of giving to others, showing our gratitude and loving one another, Please help them. Show them we are grateful they are here and help them survive. Please help if you can. Think about them. Just look at them.

Kacey is a charming, young, elegant bunny girl (about 5 months old). She was found stray in San Jose. Sadly, this pretty little bunny sustained a corneal scratch on her eye which put her on the needs rescue list immediately. She needs an eye exam and a procedure to repair her eye injury. We have a $250 grant so she can receive the help she needs. This money will go directly to the rescue who can take her in. The Haven will have her spayed or will send on $100 for your rescue to have her spayed.

The Haven was able to buy her some time. Her time was extended through November 28. Now we need to find a space for her ASAP with a rescue that can get her in for eye care/meds immediately. We will know tomorrow if that has been approved. The only options for Kacey are rescue, adoption or euthanasia if we cannot get her out. Kacey is a gentle bunny and is so young. She needs to be spayed as well and we can do that for the rescue organization or give you $100 to get it done through your resources. Please take a look at sweet Kacey and let us know if she can come to you. I think she may need an antibiotic and eye drops to allow her eye to heal.

Lucille is a pretty, part Rex, white bunny who is feeling lonely and a bit depressed. She has a small mass on her chest. She will need that removed. She was brought to the shelter to be euthanized by her family. We have high hopes that post spay and mass removal she will have a wonderful full life ahead of her and needs loving understanding people to be her family. We are so sad for her that her own family thought so little of her that they would dump her at a shelter to avoid the cost of care. The Haven was able to buy her some time. Her time was extended through November 28. Now we need to find a space for her ASAP. We have received funding of $250 to help pay for her needed care. We even scheduled her surgery at Adobe on December 3rd, the first day we can get in! Adobe will spay her and remove the mass at the same time. The Haven will pay the balance on her account.

The Rabbit Haven has no space left after taking in so many the past months due to pre holiday dumping, shelter and community rescues. Our medical sites are completely full and all general foster sites are also brimming. We are working on opening new sites, but that takes time. Time these two bunnies do not have. We need your help to save these two girls. Let's show them that there is kindness in this world and that they are loved. We are all quite anxious about these two bunnies. We are open to helping get the bunny to you and to help you help them obtain the care and support they require. Haven Transport is available to you in a 100 mile radius of San Jose. Longer distance transports will also be considered.

Please call or email us if you can help (831)600-7479 or email director@therabbithaven.org. Please contact us right away ~ every minute counts!

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