Kids Rally to Raise Money for Haven Bunnies
May 13, 2014
Lemonade Stand


Girls rally to support injured bunny with lemonade stand

Three girls with big hearts and a passion for animals have been working hard to raise money for Joseph and Zane. One girl's mother said, "It so touched my daughter's heart that little Joseph was injured like that that she was determined to raise enough money to help with his medical needs. She would not stop and called all her friends to help. When she first read the story she cried, then her tears turned to a passion and she began to raise funds to help Joseph heal."

Paige, Kayla, and Ava set up lemonade stands at their schools and businesses and raised over $400.00 for Joseph and Zane's care. That is a lot of lemonade and cookies! They are shown here outside of For Other Living Things in Sunnyvale during a successful afternoon of selling lemonade. Such wonderful compassion lives in these girls. They gave up their free time, movie money and everything just to help Joseph and Zane.

Bagel and Coffee Sale

Bagels and bake sale in Santa Cruz to raise funds for injured Haven bunnies

Hearing of Jumanji's terrible condition and need for major surgery Olivia & Mercy got together a large stand and set up outside Pet Pals in Soquel to raise money for Jumanji's care. The girls went about securing donations from businesses and making baked goods themselves as well. What an incredible effort. They raised $378 in just one day! It was a great booth brimming with tea, coffee, toasted bagels and cream cheese, and baked goods you might find at a fancy bakery! They truly poured out their love in all these goods. The spirit of giving and love is obvious in these girls and their family. They are always ready to help with a smile and a big heart.

Lemonade Stand
Dance troupe steps to victory for Joseph and Zane

A group of dancers from Tari's Cornerstone Studio for Dance in Haslett Michigan combined their love of animals and their love of dance to raise money for Joseph and Zane. These girls used part of the money they earned from winning a competition as a donation for The Rabbit Haven. The studio's mascot is a bunny (plush toy of course) and the girls wanted to do something to help bunnies. This studio has given to many animal causes over the years, and when their director read about the injuries suffered by Joseph and Zane, she knew they had to try to help. The babies say thank you girls, and keep on dancing!

Designed by James Farris