Orphan Babies Rescued (Newbie and Chibi)
Update: September 12, 2014

Mellie(former Chibi) was adopted during her adoption show debut. Her family was quite taken to her and fondly named her Muffins. Muffins is no longer an orphan and now lives with her forever family. We are so happy for Muffins.

Melo (Newbie) misses his playmate Chibi but Melina, his sister, and mommy Melody keeps him company. He is dreaming that one day he will win his family's hearts and have his very own home too. If you are looking for that special bunny boy, Melo is waiting for you.

Update: August 19, 2014

Chibi is now bigger than Newbie. Newbie used to be the larger one of the two. Finally, Chibi looks like a normal healthy baby and is doing extremely well. We think Chibi is a Lionhead or Lionhead mix. Newbie doesn't have the dwarf ears but looks like he/she will be a small bunny. Both are not relying on each other like they used to and have been blending in with their Lop step sisters and brothers. They are still being nursed by Melody. Melody continues to be an excellent mom.

Newbie and Chibi have their own video where you can watch them playing with their step-sisters and step-brothers. You can see the video on The Rabbit Haven's YouTube channel.

August 11, 2014


The call came in on July 27th. Someone had dropped a tiny orphan kit at a local pet shop! Her tiny eyes were not yet open. The store called the Haven and asked if we could help. Happily, we had two nursing moms and we sent a Haven fosterer to pick up the baby. Then they very carefully introduced the baby to the moms and allowed the little one to eat.

In the beginning it was difficult as the baby had already forgotten how to suckle and she was cold. After warming the fosterer was able to feed tiny bits of infant formula and help keep her going along with augment feeding from two nursing moms. Hard work, but so worth it. See newbie today (in foster's hand). She is healthy, happy and has been fully accepted into Melody's second litter.


Chibi came from the San Jose shelter a "stray". Our shelter advocate noticed her in intake and due to her quick action she was able to get the kit to our nursery site in one hour and saved her life. Chibi was on death's door. Thin, dehydrated, and face/hip bones sticking out. Even the fur around her face fell out due to malnutrition. Chibi would have died if it wasn't for Cora and Melody, our nursing surrogate moms. Melody's kits also kept Chibi warm and gave her a family to interact with. Chibi arrived to us 1 day before Newbie, 7-26, Both stuck to each other because they were about the same size and needed each other. Melody's kits were three times their size but were very gentle and accepted them as family. Melody and the two orphans treat each other like biological family (no difference). As of today, August 9th they are safe, warm and happy babies. Melody, the lop mom took over care and feeding of both kits and her second litter accepts them easily.

Our two surrogate bunny moms and our human foster parents have done a great job saving these two precious babies. The babies are thriving, and will continue to get the best care possible. Our hope is that they will be able to be weaned in a few weeks and will then be strong enough to be adopted into their own homes. Check back here for updates.

Designed by James Farris