Two Babies Abandoned in a Park
September 24, 2014
Orphaned Babies




Yesterday Rabbit Haven received a call from alarmed shelter volunteers letting us know that two baby rabbits had been discovered at a nearby park where they were abandoned. These little ones then were brought to the local shelter, where they required immediate rescue. Shelters usually are not able to care for babies needing feeding care and support.





Lea and Tom are approximately 2.5 weeks old. It is not possible for babies this age to survive on their own. Most often these babies die of starvation, predation, or both if not offered supportive nutrition and care within the first 24 hours. Sometimes babies left out in the wild struggle to survive only to develop bone, tooth and other disease which plagues them for their entire life. We learned this in the Moreland rescue where were saved over 150 rabbits. Many of those saved were malnourished infants. We learned that they required long term care for a variety of medical conditions related to malnutrition. One such rabbit, Hope, still needs to have antibiotics and dental surgeries even four years post rescue. Hope is at the vet today for yet another dental extraction.

Babies are dependant on their mothers the first 5-6 weeks (minimum!!) It appeared that these babies had not eaten for while. When the babies came into the shelter, they were already showing signs of hypothermia and dehydration. Fortunately Haven advocates happened to be at the shelter and they contact Rabbit Haven to secure rescue.

Orphaned babies


These babies are already on their way to life saving care now on Wednesday, September 24. These babies will require feeding for two weeks and then ongoing feeding support until they are 7 weeks old. Both bunnies will need to see the veterinarian as well.

Here are our two little orphans Lea (black and white girl) and Tom (brown boy). They are on their way to the Haven’s nursery site for infant formula and TLC. If you would like to sponsor these tiny ones, they would love your support. If you want to donate for their care, you can use The Rabbit Haven's PayPal account or donate by check. Indicate that your donation is for baby1 and baby2.

Watch for updates! We'll let you know about their progress.

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