Redd and Chanel Need Help
Update: September 19, 2014

Chanel and Redd have both found loving permanent homes!

Thank you to everyone who pulled together to save Chanel and Redd. Adopters from as far away as Tennessee called offering to adopt Chanel. We were lucky to secure a home close to our area so long distance travel was not needed. Sarah, Haven shelter advocate will be pulling both rabbits from the shelter on 9-20 and taking them on to their adoptive homes. This is spectacular news. I can’t thank you all enough for how you pull together and help gather resources needed to get rabbits rescued and adopted . Two more rabbits went on the rescue list yesterday. Watch for our posts about these two later tonight. Thank you also to the families we offered their homes as fosters! Sarah will be in touch with you soon.

Thank you! Love, Auntie Heather, Director of The Rabbit Haven

September 17, 2014



The various faces of a bunny named Redd.

HI everyone. I am a cute adolescent bunny boy who needs rescue ASAP. I have only until September 20th to get out of the shelter. That is just a few days away. The Rabbit Haven can help get me out but I need a place to go. Do you have room for me? You can rescue me, adopt me or foster me? Please think fast.

I am super playful and fun. I am a bit worried right now but once I am safe I will relax and be my happy self. I like x-pen living and I love alfalfa hay!

What you can do to save me: Call 831 239-7119 or 831 600-7479 Ask for Heather. The Rabbit haven will work out transport within a 100 mile radius. You can also email Please call or email today. I am counting on you.



Hi I am called Chanel. Please help me, I need to get out of the shelter right away. I have been dumped TWICE at this shelter! I feel scared. Now I am on death row - I need to be out by 9-20. Call Auntie Heather from The Rabbit Haven at 831 600-7479 or email if you can save me. I do not want to die! I am only 1.5 yrs old!

I was originally dumped at this shelter a few months ago and then some people adopted me. Well, guess what? Now I have been dumped right back at the same shelter! So now I am here at the shelter again, abandoned and lonely. I am almost ready to give up I am so sad. Now if things could not be worse, the shelter put me on the euthanasia list and I have only until 9-20 to be rescued. I have done nothing wrong. I am just fine. As you can see I am gorgeous rabbit. I am 5.5 pounds of cute lop with exquisite fur. I have no medical or social problems except I am missing some fur on my neck. that is all it takes for this shelter to put me on death row. Will you please help save me?

The Rabbit Haven will be able to get me out of the shelter and to you, so call them right away ok? The Rabbit Haven will help with transport within 100 mile radius - they are determined to help me. Oh, I come with my very own carrier and a carrier pad and toy from the Haven. All I need is a home with someone who will love me. This time forever! I love attention and petting and I am super friendly. As soon as I know that I am safe, I will come running to greet you. I am playful, energetic, spayed and an adult. About 1.5 yrs old. I love my greens, hay and love!!!! I promise you, I am a sweet bunny and really a princess. I hope that I get out soon. I might even like a friend.

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