River & Sky - Bonded Brothers Need Out of the Shelter
October 1, 2014

Sky and River were rescued from the shelter this week and this evening they were adopted by a loving wonderful family. They are such loving boys and the family feels blessed to have them as part of their family. The boys were settling in well tonight.

September 26, 2014
River & Sky

Hi. I’m River and this is my brother Sky. We’re a special bonded pair. Sky and I have been together since Day One and I can’t imagine life without him. But now they are telling me that unless someone can save us, there’s no hope for us.

We spent our first few months struggling to survive on the streets until some one finally brought us the shelter. The shelter offered us food and a safe place to sleep. We even got a litter box, sweet greens and hay! Only now the shelter can’t keep us together anymore. We love each other so much. Who’s going to wash Sky’s face and make sure he’s got someone to snuggle with? And what will I do without my best friend?

Do you have a little place so we can get out of the shelter? If you can help, please call Heather at The Rabbit Haven right away: (831)600-7479 or (831)239-7119 or email director@therabbithaven.org Please call or email now. Update: We were separated today.

Sky & River need to go home together to share your life and theirs together forever. They are inseparable. We realize that every rescue has many at risk rabbits right now and this is asking a lot, so we would not ask if we did not think their emotional well being is at risk. The bond between these two is so strong and special.

Rabbit Haven will help you save these boys. We will transport all the way to LA or to Northern California. We ask only that you offer this pair a safe, indoor home and give them love, care, and the support this pair deserves. Call The Haven and we will make it happen. Kristi is standing by for transport. Please let me know if you will help them.

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