Eight Perfect Shelter Rabbits Need to Find Urgent Rescue ASAP
August 31, 2014

One of our local shelters is jam packed with rabbits. They have no space to keep these eight bunnies any longer. They are overwhelmed.

These beautiful bunnies all need out of the shelter ASAP! All spayed or neutered. Lilacs, blues, dwarfs, lion heads!!!! The Rabbit Haven will facilitate the rescue of any of these rabbits. We will take them out of shelter and transport to you. We have already had them spayed or neutered. The rabbits have no health issues. We will transport anywhere within a 100 mile radius of Santa Cruz, or we will make arrangements as need be. We do not have much time - please act ASAP!!!

Call today 831-600-7479 Ask for Heather or email AVA_Haven@comcast.net. Here are a few of the bunnies that need immediate help:


Hi, my name is Confetti. I am a very handsome, neutered male bunny. I'm good with my litter box and I am very friendly. I love greens, toys and people. I like willow balls, hard plastic keys to toss, jingle balls, and tunnels to run through. I hop around in my pen, where I exercise and just enjoy having fun. I'm a good guy who would be a wonderful bun son. I use a litter box, food water dish and eat Western timothy hay and fresh greens. I like being super clean. The shelter says I have been here too long - I've been here since May. I am a medium sized boy.


Hi, my name is Camero. I'm friendly, fun-loving and all-around sweet. I'm very outgoing and like being with people. I arrived in June with lots of other friends. I'm neutered and a medium size. Help me please. They do not want me here. I am medium to large sized.


Hi I'm Millie. I'm a luxurious, deep dark gray, young female bunny. I am energetic, charming, peaceful & hopeful. I spend my days grooming, eating delicious greens and timothy hay as well as playing with a few toys. I'm friendly, playful, & good with my box besides being beautiful & spayed! I'm always ready to romp &play. - live in an x pen. Shelter since 6/11 med/large


Hi I am Reyna- Spayed & perfect Just too big for this shelter. I did nothing wrong. I even use my litter box and do everything just right! At shelter since 6/11 Now my time is up-Lilac- color wrong in photo. Med


Xavier -I'm a very relaxed, even tempered bunny. I don't get ruffled about anything. I enjoy a happy life and I am healthy. I'm good with my box, love greens and timothy hay and lots of play time. I'm social and nice and always want attention - I am a good bunny! At shelter since 6/11/ time is up

Three others too-Photos coming soon auguti's small, dwarfs and angora baby Call Heather 831 600-7479 Email AVA_Haven@comcast.net Transport can be arranged

Designed by James Farris