53 Small Animals in Santa Cruz County Need Rescue Support
Update: July 3, 2014

There are currently 8 of 23 rabbits left that need rescue from the SC group. They include two stunning red girls Millie and Courtney, two lovable Flemish/New Zealand mix bunnies Xavier and Zackary, and three beautiful lilac bunnies Cameo, Clare and Ileanna. To rescue, adopt or foster these bunnies please call Heather at 831 600-7479. The Santa Cruz and Watonsville shelters are overfull. If we can get 4 more out this week it will be perfect.

Update: June 20, 2014

35 guinea pigs were rescued this week and only five are left at the shelter for adoption.

Six rabbits will go out Saturday and Sunday. Our target is to get 5-6 rabbits out per week. We have plans for an additional 6 to go out next Saturday. Call the Rabbit Haven for information about adoptions at 831 600-7479 / 831 239-7119 11Am to 6 PM or email director@therabbithaven.org. You may also check in at the Santa Cruz animal shelter. 831-454-7302. Bring your carrier, and plan for a nice 4 X 4 space indoors for your sweet bunny. Remember a rabbit is a 10 year commitment.

The Rabbit Haven will support all shelter adoptions with a full education packet, free nail trim at our next adoption show, free first vet exam and valuable coupons you can use at local pet supply stores to get your x-pen, litter boxes and rabbit hay and pellets. We will help you have all that you need to have a great experience with your new house rabbit.

All rabbits will be spayed or neutered. These rabbits are indoor loving house rabbits. Gorgeous! These are for adoption as pets only, not show bunnies. Please take a look and see if you can help any of them!

Thank you to the Santa Cruz Community and the Santa Cruz Sentinel who helped get the word out about this rescue.

June 16, 2014

The Rabbit Haven received a call from our local shelter letting us know that 23 rabbits and 30 guinea pigs had been confiscated and have now been signed over to the shelter. The shelter needs rescue ASAP as there are far too many rabbits and guinea pigs at this shelter. Given the limited space and shelter staff resources we need to move these 53 animals out quickly into safe loving environments. We are starting with the 23 rabbits! We understand that several of these rabbits are 13-15 pounds, others are 4 pounds.

The Rabbit Haven went into action immediately to find space for these rabbits, to make plans for triage with the shelter, arranged to take photos, set up care, rescue and adoption. Working with Dr. Hilary Stern DVM of Animal Hospital of Soquel we have initial plans to set up a spay neuter clinic for this group. Dr. Stern began spays today. HSSV in Milpitas also did one spay today. We need to spay the females right away or we could end up with an extra 100 rabbits.

Supplies will also be needed right away for this rescue: Western timothy and orchard grass hays, good quality rabbit pellets, litter boxes, food and water dishes and of course rescue, foster, transport and adoptions. We are reaching out to the greater rescue community that we work with to help us move these rabbits and guinea pigs out of the shelter into rescue. If you can help, please call. Rabbit Haven is in the midst of a 150 rabbit rescue now so these animals add an extra demand for supplies. Help us help these rabbits!

How you can help:

  • Donate via our PayPal site or by check.
  • Foster
  • Transport
  • Rescue
  • Provide supplies (contact Heather for drop-off information): carriers, hay, pellets, food and water crocks, medium and large litter boxes, litter, hay baskets, x-pens, and greens.

Auntie Heather
The Rabbit Haven

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