San Jose and San Ramon Emergency Rescues
June 11, 2014

The Rabbit Haven of the SF Bay Area is conducting two more large rescues in San Jose and San Ramon today. The San Jose site is bustling with 16 rabbits: One new mom and her six babies, four reproductive females and males and smaller adolescents. Sarah, Raymond, Kyomi and Jennifer were on site last night assisting to sort out the areas, move rabbits into male/female groups, mark the rabbits based on sex and settle in the mom and babies for indoor housing until rescue can be found. We are doing our best to help. The site needs better housing units which we hope to facilitate today.

Our plan is to work with this family to have the reproductive rabbits spayed and neutered; then some will need to go to the shelter, others to rescue and the family will keep two.


The Rabbit Haven rescue team is doing a great job in education and support. We have a call into San Jose shelter to see if their spay clinic will offer spay for the girls at least, thus preventing new litters. We are seeking funds for spay neuter/then rescue or adopters for this group. If you would like to donate, please use our PayPal site or donate by check.

Next, two sweet adult lops are also incoming from San Ramon. They had been housed in a dog crate in a hot garage since their owner was hospitalized. The human dad had a stroke and is not expected to recover, so his friends are doing their best to help out. There is no one there to care for the rabbits. The female had a litter yesterday - 6 new little ones. This group arrived in Sunnyvale yesterday evening. This is the best we could do. Now, we need a foster home ASAP for the lop Dad, a smaller gorgeous mini lop creme and speckled colors - Call Heather If you can help foster Looks like we will have him neutered tomorrow. Call 831 600-7479 or email if you can help us as a foster site for any of these new rabbits.

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