The Rabbit Haven's Salinas Spay/Neuter Clinic
June 2, 2014

Twenty-nine Rabbits were spayed and neutered with the loving care and support of Dr. Hilary Stern DVM of Soquel Animal Hospital, Dr. Brynie Kaplan-Dau DVM of Toro Park Animal Hospital, Dr. Amy Wells DVM of Avian and Exotic Clinic of Monterey and several talented RVTs. This clinic day was held at the Toro Park Animal Hospital in Salinas.

Approximately 40 Rabbit Haven rescue rabbits were brought in from all over the Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Jose and Martinez. Rabbit Haven serves all the shelters and communities in these areas. We have been heavily involved in several rescues since April. Large clinic days help the Haven to manage our numbers.

All Rabbit Haven and veterinary staff volunteered 8AM to 6PM and everyone kept busy the entire day. Special notes of thanks to the people who drove hours to come to help the rabbits at the clinic today: James, Amber, Deanna, Shelley, Nicole, Al, Laureen, Emma and Martha!

Special notes: In addition to the 29 rabbits that were spayed/neutered, several other rescued bunnies were given exams. Two special needs rabbits were also seen and treated today including Able, our newest rescue from SJ shelter. He has a broken leg and a severe abscess on the bottom on his foot. X-rays were taken and his abscess was cleaned. Next step for Able is surgery this coming Thursday.

Major kudos to this generous group of professionals, Vets, RVTs and Haven support staff. Everyone gave up their Sunday in support of the Rabbit Haven rescued bunnies. This is such a remarkable group. Thank you to Dr. Kaplan-Dau for loaning us the clinic.

Designed by James Farris