October 2014 Spay/Neuter Clinic
October 20, 2014

On October 19th, 2014 the Rabbit Haven held its fourth spay neuter clinic in Watsonville, CA. FOWAS kindly donated the clinic space for our use. FOSCA donated the funds to pay for medical supplies needed to use during the clinic. Rabbit Haven augmented funding for the rest of the clinic operations.

Dr. Hilary Stern, DVM of the Animal Hospital of Soquel and Dr. Laura Summers, DVM, faculty veterinarian at Carrington College - Stockton offered veterinary services supported by vet techs/assistants Kati Kattanek, Michelle Mac, Angelica Quezada, Rachel Burman, Maddie Burger, and Sally Morello. What an excellent medical team!

Dr. Hilary Stern DVM
Dr. Hilary Stern, DVM
Dr. Hilary Stern DVM
Dr. Laura Summers, DVM


The clinic opened early at 8:30 AM. Rabbits were brought in from Haven foster sites around the Bay Area by their foster families or our transporter James and delivered to the clinic. Each rabbit was examined by one of our veterinarians, expertly prepared for surgery by the volunteer technicians, and then spayed or neutered by one of the vets. After surgery, the rabbits were given pain medications, wrapped in heated blankets to help them recover and given warmed SubQ fluids if needed. Once recovered from the surgery, each rabbit was given some fresh greens and time to stretch their legs and enjoy some time in an x-pen. The last surgery of the day was competed at 5:30, a long day for all involved.

At this clinic Drs. Stern and Summers were able to spay and neuter 26 rabbits! This Service is deeply appreciated and much needed by the Haven rabbits in Santa Cruz County. This is a wonderful clinic service that allows The Rabbit Haven to spay and neuter approximately 160 rabbits each year or 23% of all our spay/neuters for the year.

Thanks to Laureen for keeping the clinic staff fed and hydrated, the food spread was great! Thanks also to our bunny post-op care people Al, Alexandra, Amber, Analisa, Deanna, Diana, James, Laureen, Martha and Ray. You each made a difference in these bunnies' lives by helping them through these procedures. The team operated very well.

The clinic registration team of Alexandra, Analisa, James, and Ray kept track of each new bunny that arrived and made sure that they were given a spot on the surgical schedule and weighed. Alexandra made sure that each bunny had their post-operative pain medications ready when they went home. Analisa and Ray even had time to photograph 10 bunnies for the website before they went in for their surgeries. Ricky came at the end of the day to help Al, Ray, Heather, and James with closing, clean up and storage.

A very special thank you to our medical staff, whose expertise and care made this day possible. Our veterinarians Dr. Hilary Stern, DVM and Dr. Laura Summers, DVM, and VTs/VAs Kati Kattanek, Michelle Mac, Angelica Quezada, Rachel Burman, Maddie Burger, and Sally Morello.

Designed by James Farris