Zane - Former Easter Bunny with Terrible Eye Injury
Update: May 16, 2014

Zania, now Zanie, went in for his surgery May 13th to Drs Gratzek and Stern. The doctor did a pre-surgical exam and was totally surprised that Zane's eye was actually healing very well! He will never be able to see from that eye, as he has been blinded from his injury, but the good news is that his tear ducts are functioning well and the eye can open and close. The back part of his injured eye is healing. So, we may be able to spare him the eye removal surgery after all. What a relief.

Zane has boundless energy so now he can romp and play and snuggle with Joseph, who he adores. They went over to the other surgeon today and Joseph had his final sutures removed from his leg amputation. They are such a great pair.

We will keep you posted on Zane's eye issues. We have about three weeks more of care then he will be rechecked to see if the surgical intervention must happen or not. Given the new medical information, Zane was able to leave the high level medical support center this week and moved into a wonderful foster home close by his vet, Dr. Hilary Stern DVM.

April 23, 2014

Zania is a former Easter bunny who was rescued by The Rabbit Haven on April 22, 2014. She has a large and dangerous abscess in her left eye. Zania is just a baby, she was in obvious pain and terrified, so we took her in immediately.

Today, one day post rescue, she was seen by Dr. Ann Gratzek DVM, the best ophthalmologist we know. Sadly, Zania's eye is destroyed. We so hoped there was some chance she might be able to heal and once again see from that eye. However, she has an end stage abscess and the infection is profound. The eye had been so severely injured that the vet is concerned that it may rupture. Vision in the eye cannot be saved. Eye removal surgery has been recommended to contain the infection and save her life.

We are currently treating Zania with pain meds, and antibiotics. She will see Dr. Hilary Stern DVM tomorrow and will have her appointment made for an enucleation. Such a sad outcome. If you wish to help you can donate using the Rabbit Haven's PayPal account or by check. Let us know the donation is for Zania. We have a $100 challenge grant from our friends at the Petfinder Foundation for Zania's care, so your contribution can be doubled.

With several injured bunnies currently being treated by The Haven, we will need as much support as possible to help them get well. Please help us help Zania. She is just a baby and her life has just begun. Please send your healing wishes her way.

Designed by James Farris