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Deadly RHDV2 just hit Las Vegas! RHDV2 has spread to Las Vegas. - Rabbit Health Alert

Update: 4-Mat-2020: Deadly RHDV2 just hit Las Vegas!


Very deadly rabbit hemorragic virus (VHD or RHD) enters Mexico, New Mexico, Texas and Arizona!

If you live or travel in these regions, you need need to read about VHD, symptoms and what you can do now to protect your rabbits. Take necessary precautions to protect your rabbit and other rabbits.

Here is an excellent article on VHD written by the House Rabbit Society:


This information is important for you to read and understand. Your rabbit’s health needs to be protected.  Until VHD reaches California, we cannot get a vaccine into California. 

Please be very careful!  VHD is highly contagious and deadly to domestic rabbits.

Please watch for VHD alerts and more information on our Web and Facebook pages.


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