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Emergency surgery needed for Sweet Tula

Tula came in with a broken leg. Sadly her bone protruded through her skin. Tragic situation that requires she be transferred to Animal Hospital of Soquel for an emergency leg amputation. 

Tula is strong and will most likely make it though surgery and live a happy life after.  For now we need to raise the funds for her care immediately – the costs are $1,500 – Please help Tula today !  I will keep all donors posted personally – Please send your prayers and support right away.  She is at the vet right now.


Sweet Tula is at the Vet this AM.  11-19-2018. Leg amputation is probably needed.

She is at Animal Hospital of Soquel in the care of Dr Hilary Stern. 
Tula's severely broken leg could not be saved. We will keep you posted after her surgery today.

To contribute to help with her 1,500.00 surgery and care please donate here: 
      Donate | The Rabbit Haven

All donors will be informed of her progress by Email.
The Rabbit Haven is a 501c3Non profit organization in CA


Tula continues to improve as of 30-Nov-2018.

She can use her leg, the infection is abating, and she has a great appetite and seems to feel really great! She wants to thank everyone for helping her.

She sees her vet again next week for follow up x rays and it appears that her leg is healing. It is a minor miracle. Her little leg is shaved and there is a tiny puff of fur on the end (she has a poodle cut) so cute.

We are still fundraising to cover her ICU costs - If you have not yet contributed you can do that here. We are about $1,000.00 short.

I will keep you posted after her next x rays.



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