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Rabbit Hays - First and Second cuts

A discussion of hays and their use in the diet of a rabbit, including information about First and Second cut hays. Prepared by the Oxbow Hay Company for The Rabbit Haven.

Rabbit Food Pyramid
The basics of house rabbit nutrition, organized as the familiar food pyramid.  This chart was prepared by the San Diego Chapter of the House Rabbit Society, and we thank them for allowing us to post it.

Feeding the House Rabbit
This is an extensive guide to feeding house rabbits written by Camilla Bergstrom and provided by MediRabbit.

Alfalfa King, Double Compressed Hay For Small Animals
Alfalfa King is the premier brand of hay products for your small pet !!! We provide Alfalfa Hay, Timothy Hay and Oat Wheat & Barley Hay that is undisputed quality. Our Double compressed hay bales give you the maximum amount of hay for your dollar.

Healthy Greens for Rabbits
Greens are a healthy addition to your pets diet. The foods on this chart have been chosen based on an appropriate calcium to phosphorus ratio. Contact your veterinarian for information for including any of the below foods in your animals diet.

Natural Nutrition Part I: The Importance of Fiber
Good article. Has a chart at the bottom of the page giving the nutritional content of many different kinds of hay.

Oxford Meadows Hay Company.
'Superior Mixed Grass Hay' for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Degu, Prairie Dogs and Tortoises. Oxford Meadows Hay Company protects your pet's health by not using any herbicides, pesticides or preservatives.. - Rabbit Haven Sponsor
Oxford Meadows Hay Company.
Pellets' Place in the Mature Rabbit's Diet
The Ingredients and Guaranteed Analysis of Various "Maintenance" Pellets

Pet Food Express Ask The Pet Experts!!
Pet Food Express a San Franisco Bay Area, locally owned holitic pet food store. Employees are knowledgable and trained to answer all your animal questions. simply the best place for online shopping and information about your pet. At Pet Food Express, we believe that customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We offer pet lovers a whole new way to shop for their special friends! Since we own all of our California stores ourselves, we can ensure the same high quality standards that you've come to expect for almost 20 years. Now we've brought this experience online to make it even easier to shop with us!
Pet Food Express Ask The Pet Experts!!
Rabbit - Hay
Rabbit Central is your complete source for rabbit food and hay products. Choose from pelleted hay, alfalfa hay, brome, orchard grass, oat hay and more. Select from manufactures such as Oxbow, Alfalfa King, American Pet Diner and more! Rabbit Central is your source for healthy rabbit products!

The CarrotCafé
The Almost Perfect Guide to Feeding Your House Rabbit

Welcome to Oxbow Pet Products
Oxbow Pet Products is a worldwide supplier of premium life-stage feeds and hays.
Welcome to Oxbow Pet Products

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