Amira - Young Bunny With a Broken Leg
Update: July 15, 2016

Amira is doing so well now. Her doctors decided to leave her leg the way it is as she is using the back broken and completely healed leg for balance. The leg is not causing her pain and the vets believe it is better for her to leave it alone. She will be spayed on July 17 and then will be available for adoption.

May 18, 2016

Will anyone help me get out of the shelter? A letter from Amira.

Hi, my name is Amira and I am a five month old bunny girl who was dumped outside with a broken leg. You can see it in my picture. A nice person found me and took me to a shelter where I immediately ended up on the needs rescue list because of my leg. The shelter does not have money to fix my leg. They will not let me stay here.

A nice shelter volunteer called the Rabbit Haven. She told them about me so they plan to help me. They can get me out of the shelter, they can take me to see a vet and get an x-ray soon. That makes me feel better. But now I need a foster home. I need a place to stay so I can get the care I need. My human shelter friend says I might need my leg amputated. That sounds serious and scares me. If I have to have this done I will need a place to heal.

Do you have a home where I can stay? The Haven will meet you with me and a foster set up soon. This will include a proper low cut litter box so I can get in and out of it! I need a litter box! An x-pen, food and water dishes plus linens. I eat well and I am very loving. I am just desperate right now not knowing if I can get out or not. If you want to help me I need two things soon: A foster home that can care for me, and funds to pay for my leg x-rays ($166.00), medical exams, tests and possible amputation. That is $(700-1000). That includes the big discount Haven gets. I know it is a lot to ask, but I really want to live. When my leg was broken I had a family I don’t know what happened to them. There are gone now and I am alone.

If you want to contribute to my leg fixing fund donate using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check. Ok that’s all for now.

Designed by James Farris