Anthony - Abandoned With a Broken Leg
Update: June 1, 2016

Anthony saw Dr. Cote again today. He was originally scheduled to be neutered, but the doctor was concerned at how much weight Anthony has lost since his leg amputation surgery. Anthony was placed on a special high calorie diet and will be examined again in a few weeks to determine if he is ready for neuter surgery.

Update: May 19, 2016
Anthony at Adobe Anthony with his foster mom

Anthony is going home to his new foster family! He had his leg amputation surgery performed by Dr. Nathan Cote, DVM at Adobe Animal Hospital, then spent the night in the hospital to be sre he's fully recovered. He is now in his new foster home, slowly recovering from his ordeal and the surgery.

May 17, 2016
Anthony at Adobe Anthony's injured leg

Anthony came in today to a shelter with devastating injuries. One leg was dangling by a bit of skin. He had many other wounds on his body. He was in shock wih an extremely low body temperature. His situation is most likely the result of being dumped in a field to survive on his own. Rabbits cannot survive on their own and this is what happens! Severe injuries, predator attacks and even death! Anthony is the lucky one.

Once Anthony was at the shelter, the shelter called us immediately aking that he be rescued or they would have to euthanize him. Haven staff moved into action finding an on duty emergency vet that could handle his care and surgical needs. Raymond raced him to Adobe Animal Hospital in Los Altos and Anthony will be cared for there until his surgery. He was actually not stable enough to have surgery that night. After his leg amputation surgery, he will be hospitalized for recovery then need foster. He is progressing well after surgery. We will keep you updated on his progress. You can donate to Anthony's medical fund using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check.

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