911 Call for Binky
Update: April 14, 2016

Hi my name is Binky. I wanted to write to you to let you know I feel so much better today.

It is hard for me to believe that I had my stroke over a month ago. I remember that I was really hungry and felt sick, and then all of a sudden, I could not hop. It was so scary. None of my legs worked I could not remember how to move. As it turned out I was fighting for my life. I didn't know what would happen. I felt confused and at the same time I was being held and cared for so much I felt safer than I have in so long. My foster family gave me soft plush blanket to lay on and helped me so that I would not fall over.

I went to my doctor right away. He said I most likely had suffered a stroke – I had been almost starved to death and my body reacted this way. Dr. Nakamaura made a plan of action and I began care immediately. Then, I had to wear leg braces made of soft material. My foster Dad started to hold me and move my arms and legs. I could feel the sensation coming back to me, but I felt so out of control. I didn't know what was going on but I trusted him. My foster mom also took care of keeping me clean and I had special baths and warming sessions. Loved that. It is awful not to be able to move. I even had what they call diapers on. They helped keep me dry. Yep, I could not remember how to use the litter box either!

My foster family was so understanding and helpful. They helped keep me clean and warm and dry. They also helped me with my physical therapy so I could learn to use my legs once again. I am so happy! I can actually stand up on my back legs now. See my picture? I have improved so much. I love life now. I am not hungry anymore. I am loved and feel so good inside. All my legs work too!! I know that things can still happen in the future, but for now I am one happy bunny. I also know that I may one day jump for joy like my name "Binky".

Update: March 21, 2016
Binky after his stroke

Binky says “It has been 2 weeks since I was rescued by the Rabbit Haven. I saw my doctor (Dr. Curt Nakamura, DVM at Adobe Animal Hospital South Bay). I don’t know how to say it but the news is not good. I have a severe spay leg on ALL of my arms and legs which might have been caused by a stroke. This can happen with severe malnutrition they say. I thought I had a chance – finally in my life I am warm, fed and loved, now this!

My foster parents were crying when they heard the news. They quickly regained their composure and asked many detailed medical questions about how to care for me and my treatment. They will give me Physical Therapy on my arms and legs each day to help reconnect my brain to my limbs. I will also have to wear diapers because I cannot hop into the litter box. I will have a long road ahead of me. I like all of us don’t know how much time we have. My time may be short or long. I have been having good and bad days. My foster parents can see in my eyes how I feel. I can only wish my body would respond to my thoughts. I had additional blood taken for additional blood tests. I had a splint put on which my foster parents would reapply. This helps me to stand up. I want you to know that what every happen. I feel LOVED for the first time in my life. My foster family holds me, cleans me, kisses me, pets me, even sing songs to me and they LOVE me. I can tell.

We will do all we can to help Binky recover. Right now he needs diaper changing, assist feeding and fluids several times a day. We'll keep you updated on his progress.

Update: March 13, 2016

A letter from binky:

Hi! I saw my doctor, Dr. Curt Nakamura DVM at Adobe Animal Hospital South Bay yesterday. I like him. My Toxoplasmosis titer came back negative. My EC test also came back negative. I am gaining weight however my weight slowly and the doctor said that is good! I think so too. My left leg is about the same while my right leg has gotten better. I told you I would get better. My right foot needs additional physical therapy and I need to exercise it. I am doing my best and my foster Dad helps with Physical therapy two times a day –I don’t mind. it feels good.

My right arm has improved a little. My left arm is fine. Dr. Nakamura said my “Great job on my Physical Therapy.” He is happy with my physical improvement and mental state. We do know that I have long and difficult road ahead of me. I just take it one day at a time and love my treats!

Good news! I am now able to stand up and groom parts of myself. Hey! I am more alert and able craw around at times. I do however end up in position in which I need help to right myself. I still need a protected environment as my back leg is not as strong as the other legs. It is confusing but I am getting stronger every day.

I hope to regain the use of my back leg with physical therapy. I need to see a PT Specialist and maybe have laser treatments as well. I guess I will have more doctor visits with Dr. Nakamura and others. I am hopeful for my future. I want to be able to move around better and I want go see what is going on. Thank you to all my friends that care about me and who have sent me letters. I appreciate your support and encouragement as I go through all of the medical care, PT and while I work to grow and heal. I am a very happy bunny and I appreciate you! Love, binky

March 7, 2016
Binky at the shelter

Sweet bunny boy Binky was surrendered by his owners today. He came in sto the shelter severely emaciated and was too weak to fully stand. This is what he looked like at the shelter when they dropped him off. Binky was almost starved to death, and more than a pound underweight. He needed help right away.

Binky at Adobe with Dr. Nakamura

One of our Haven medical foster familes went right to the shelter, gathered up Binky and took him directly to see Dr. Curt Nakamura, DVM at Adobe Animal Hospital South Bay in Los Gatos. Binky had x rays and blood work. Dr. Nakamura was very concerned with Binky's condition and prescribed warmed subcutaneous fluids, warming pads, and assist feeding with critical care. Binky is resting safely today at a Haven medical foster site, trying to eat on his own and get better.

Binky in medical foster care

This poor bunny weighs next to nothing at about 2 pounds! We will continue to get medical help and support for Binky to allow him to recover from the terrible neglect he has suffered. To help this little bunny please donate using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check.

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