Carley - Baby With a Broken Leg Needs Life Saving Surgery Today
August 24, 2016
Carley in a soft cast

We recently took in a baby rabbit who has a broken leg. It is a terrible fracture that is protruding through the skin. Sadly there is no saving her leg as the blood supply was also compromised and now her tiny foot is discolored and dysfunctional. The foot is lost and the leg bones are so small that repair is not possible. Her condition is life threatening. The amputation is the last chance for Carley. Please help save Carley’s life. Cost of this surgery is $800. We have a match donor up to $100 already. Anyone else want to match – double your money to save this little girl.

Thank you for helping Carley. The amputation will leave her perfectly able to function and she will be pain free. Naturally she will require follow support and a bit of physical therapy after the surgical process is complete to help her get the most from life as an amputee.

Carley's x-ray image

Here is her x-ray. You can see the severity of the injury. All donors will be kept up to date on her healing process. Love to everyone and thank you in advance for your help. Please contribute what you can. Every donation will go a long way to pay for this surgery. To donate to help fund Carley's surgery, you can use The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check.

Designed by James Farris