Urgent Rescue for Carlin
Update: July 13, 2016


With a heavy heart we must report that Carlin passed away. He passed away knowing that he was a part of the Rabbit Haven family and cared and loved by people through out the world. We remember him doing his very first "Binky" the day before he was sick. He was with us a very short time. We know that he felt our love.

Update: July 12, 2016
Carlin in the ICU


Today was a horrific day for tiny baby Carlin. Sweet baby Carlin woke up with signs of breathing difficulty and was raced over to see Dr. Nathan Cote,DVM at Adobe in Los Altos. He is on IV antibiotics, fluids, pain meds and will receive Pen G as his pneumonia is very progressed. Both his lungs are filled with fluid. The rabbit also has three fractured ribs (Poor baby was badly injured in the cat attack).

Send your prayers and healing energy to this baby, he needs all the help he can get! He is very ill. He will be in the ICU in oxygen overnight at least. We are all pulling for you little one. Kisses. If he makes it he can be nebulized twice daily and given TMS orally. Raymond will be close by this evening to check in on him. You can donate using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check.

July 9, 2016
Carlin on intake


Late today we learned that a baby had been brought into the shelter that had been attacked by a cat. The baby, named Carlin, was rescued immediately as he had suffered head, chest and back bite wounds from a cat or other small predator. Sarah picked up the baby and transported to our baby site for feeding, stabilization and follow up vet care. The following day the baby was seen by Dr. Mary Kate Cameron, DVM at Cameron Veterinary Hospital. The injury sites were shaved and evaluated for signs of infection. She started Carlin on antibiotics and pain medications as well. The wounds were cleaned and the baby went back to foster care.

Cat bites are often fatal if not treated quickly so we are grateful Dr. Cameron was able to get her in right away. Carlin is not out of the woods yet and will require wound cleaning daily and warm packs, continuing antibiotics pain meds plus feeding KMR as well as return vet visits.

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