Three Orphaned Babies Saved From a Flood
Update: July 7, 2016

Sadly two orphans passed away, they lived several days and then one day, both of them died no matter how much care they received. Poor Faith was left as the sole survivor. Faith was integrated into another bunny group and helped by her foster and her surrogate bunny mom. She made it! Faith was nursed back to health and is now a beautiful little girl who is waiting for her very own family.

March 11, 2016
orphaned babies from a flood

Three babies were rescued from the shelter today, victims of a flood caused by the recent rains. Their bunny parents were drowned, and these little ones were left as orphans. These poor infants were soaking wet and the only three to survive. Their parents did not leave them and both perished -the owners of the house heard the rabbits crying and went under the house to save them -Then they raced them to the shelter. We only hope that it was in time to save their lives.

They are on their way to our foster site where they will be warmed, then tube fed by Haven infant support staff. Send healing energy to them please. A nursing mom would help if you have a bunny that might be able to assist call Heather at 831 239-7119 or email Later on tonight we may need to take them in for oxygen support. Dr. Hilary Stern, DVM is on standby to offer medical support if it is needed. We will keep you posted. If you want to help these little ones, we are in need of funds to pay for the medical support they will need, plus KMR, soft fleece blankets, and alfalfa hay. You can donate using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check, or choose a gift from our special Amazon babies wish list.


We will keep you posted on their status. Thank you for your healing thoughts and whatever help you can offer.

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