Harper has Broken Teeth and Requires Surgery
May 4, 2016

After the removal of so many teeth Harper has had a difficult healing period. She has been on pain meds, syringe feeding and antibiotics to ward off infection that casued her teeth to become diseased. Harper is still undergoing veterinary care and we use her food processor to chop veggies into smaller pieces so she can eat them. She is learning to adjust without the broken teeth and her front teeth have grown back in.

The front teeth look good! Harper is due to see her vet again in May. It seems that her teeth are adjusting and she is able to eat. She is maintaining weight now without supportive feedings and Harper appears to be recovering. We will post again when the doctor sees her to examine her mouth.

April 1, 2016

Harper came to the Haven as a "stray" then went into a adoptive home after two vet exams and a spay. Sadly, a few months after her adoption the family needed to return her due to a relocation. Harper came in and was placed in foster care. Then when she went in for her intake vet exam, we discovered that sweet Harper had a broken front tooth. Plus there appeared to be a molar that was sticking out and poking into her check. So off she went to the dentist for bunnies. She was referred to Dr Sarah Hawklyn.

It was not good news! Her x-rays showed terrible dental disease. Given the extent of damage, it had been going on for months, undetected and untreated. Harper needed surgery right away to remove loose teeth that have broken roots, and abscessed tooth roots. Of course she went in and had her procedure Wednesday, March 30th.

The exam and basic x-ray with the Haven discount is $410. Her surgery was $900, including a 30% discount! It took hours and delicate surgical care to bring her through. She is already feeling better with those rotten teeth out. The vet spent time to clean out the infection and she is now on heavy antibiotics to heal her mouth. Harper also must be fed critical care / SarX two times a day PLUS we need a mini Cuisinart food chopper to process her veggies and hay so she can eat more. Do you have a spare one you can donate? Let us know! We are currently chopping veggies very fine but the hay needs to be hand cut with scissors. A small food processor will help save time.


The vet is giving us some time to pay the bill, we are very grateful to the vet for that! Would you like to help Harper? If so, your donations will go to help her heal and receive the care, medical attention and future vet care she will need. The Rabbit Haven medical team is providing all the post op care, assist feeding with critical care, subcutaneous fluids, medications, and pain therapy. Plus we may have to buy a small food processor, another $50 expense. She will need it to be able to eat veggies and hay which is essential to her health. Her medications alone are $100.00 for two weeks. We are now at $1,410.00 total.

Little Harper is the sweetest bunny. We want to do everything we can for her to help her get well. Will you help Harper? She will need so much more care. But she is young with our support and the proper antibiotics and support plus feedings and any additional surgical care she will live a long happy life. Even having five teeth removed, she is happier already! Will you help her today by donating towards her medical fund? She says thank you in advance. Harper will revisit the vet again for a follow up next Wednesday.

You can donate using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check. Send loving healing wishes to sweet Harper. Together we can heal this precious bunny!

Designed by James Farris