Nemo - Tiny Baby with Severe Hip Injuries
Update: June 1, 2016

Our little Nemo passed away. He had a terrible injury that his doctors could not resolve. He was so very young and tried so hard to live and be happy. He had a few short weeks.

His necropsy finding, as noted below, discusses his diagnosis and gives us the reason Nemo could not survive.

"Nemo had an abscess affecting his spinal cord at the level of the bony changes we saw in the x-ray. The abscess was very deep (on the underside of the spinal cord) and wouldn't have been surgically treatable. Antibiotics alone would have had no effect. The myelomalacia I mentioned (like gangrene of the spinal cord) was progressing forward from the site of the infection. I think this had to make moving very painful for him as it progressed."

Everyone loved Nemo & he will remain right here in our hearts forever. The memory of his short time of comfort and happiness remain with all who met him.. He had a few joy filled weeks. The times when he was comforted by his adoptive mom, Koa; when he played with his adopted siblings Loni, Hala, Cassia and others are memorialized on Facebook.

We had longed for a different outcome but he succumbed to the myelomalcia that progressed rapidly. Michelle had just asked to adopt him. So he had a human mom waiting for him too! We are all still stunned to have lost Nemo. Yet given his condition there was no option for him to heal. It is indeed a sad outcome for this beautiful baby boy.

We love you so much Nemo, and miss you terribly.

May 26, 2016

Dr. Carolynn Harvey, DVM, carefully examined Nemo today at Chabot Veterinary Clinic. Sadly it appears that he did suffer an injury from the cat attack he suffered the day before we rescued him. Nemo will need care and support but Dr. Harvey thinks his prognosis is excellent for a full recovery, if we follow his treatment plan carefully and he responds well to the treatments given. He may need an MRI later.

Today his treatment includes splinting, cage rest, herbal medication, meloxicam, antibiotics, and T-touch to injured areas of his tiny body. His x-rays are being evaluated now by the radiologist and Dr. Harvey will call us to report any new findings. Nemo’s hip is definitely injured and significantly out of place.

Nemo still has feeling in his feet and his tail has good neurological tone. His spinal cord has no been severed and his recovery is promising. The doctor noted a soft tissue injury in his back end near the spine that is also impacting his ability to move properly. Nemo’s treatment plan began today.

  • Splint, TMS, and meloxicam
  • Physical Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • T-touch above spinal area and inner sides
  • X-ray evaluation is planned for later by a radiologist

Nemo's prognosis is positive. The sweet baby boy is resting now, it has been a long day! Love to all from Nemo! The vet will be calling tonight and at that time the x-ray analysis will be complete and we will update this report when we know more. Thank you everyone for loving Nemo and thank you to Raymond and to Kyomi who drove him up to see Dr Harvey! You can donate to Nemo's medical fund using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check.

May 23, 2016

Our orphan Nemo needs love, medical care and support.

This little orphan was injured by a cat when he was only two weeks old. Then he was abandoned at a shelter! The Rabbit Haven was called in to rescue him and we took him in right away. Happily Koa, one of our bunny moms, helped to feed him. He did thrive with her care and feeding but we soon discovered that he was unable to use his back legs.

Now he is unable to walk using his back legs. He will need vet support, splinting, acupuncture, medication and medical support to help him be able to use his back legs. His prognosis is very good if he has this care! Estimated cost is around $1,200.00 for his treatment plan. If an MRI is required, expenses will go up significantly.

Please help Nemo today. You can donate to Nemo's medical fund using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check. Let's do the best we can to help little Nemo recover and enjoy the life he deserves.

Designed by James Farris