Rose Has Emergency Abdominal Surgery
Update: February 9, 2016
Rose with Dr. Cote at Adobe

Rose went for her follow up appointment with Dr. Nathan Cote, DVM today at Adobe Animal Hospital in Los Altos. Dr. Cote is the doctor who performed lifesaving surgery on Rose. Rose has lost weight from her last visit. Her weight needs to be carefully monitored and special food given. Hopefully she will slowly gain weight given proper nutrition. She still requires Critical Care feeding and she will be on antibiotics as well. Sadly her activity level is low, but she is improving day by day. She will have a recheck again next week. She has been through so much and she needs time to heal. Next week, if her energy and weight have not increased, she may need additional blood tests and an ultra sound examination.

Rose's medical bills continue to pile up. If you would like to help with her expenses, please donate using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check.

Update: February 5, 2016
Rose exploring

Rose is well enough to spend some time out of her pen exploring the play area. She continues to receive pain medications and antibiotics to help her fight the infection in her intestines. She is eating much better, and as you can see she has a lot more energy than she did even a few days ago.

Rose had a visit to Dr. Cote earlier in the week when her temperature spiked upwards and her foster family was worried that the infection had gotten worse. After some subcutaneous fluids and some external cooling, Rose's temperature returned to normal and has stayed there. We were very relieved that she was able to regulate her temperature on her own.

Rose's foster family is still trying to get her to eat more high fiber hay. She loves her green veggies, but is still not eating enough hay. We will try some different types to see if we can find one she likes.

If you would like to help with Rose's expenses, please donate using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check.

Update: February 1, 2016
Rose in her recovery area

Here is Rose is in her recovery room. We are trying to inspire her to eat hay, but she is not having it! Critical care is good though and she eats some veggies. Rose had a culture and the doctor has changed her medications accordingly. She is making slow but steady progress. Well cared for in the Haven medical site. Thank you to everyone who has donated to help Rose. She will require ongoing care to get through this. If you wish to donate to help Rose, you can use The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check.

Update: January 30, 2016
Rose two days post-op

Rose is now in her medical foster home, getting fluids, critical care and medications as prescribed by Dr. Cote. Rose is still having a hard time. She is maintaining her temperature well, however she is less mobile and not as active as yesterday. Rose is still not able to eat hay, but is enjoying her greens. Her fecal production is low and she is making small and hard poops. We would like to see her produce more appropriate droppings. Her medical support team has set up an appointment for her to see Dr. Cote this coming Monday so he can help her further.

We will continue to give Rose whatever care she needs to get well. Her medical bills are expected to be over $2,500. If you'd like to donate towards Rose's care, you can use The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check.

January 28, 2016
Rose before her surgery

Rose was an emergency medical rescue from a local shelter. She came into the shelter emaciated and with small wounds on her body. After some time in Haven medical foster care, she was healthy enough to be spayed, and was brought to Adobe Animal Hospital in Los Altos to see Dr. Nathan Cote, DVM for her spay precedure.

Dr. Cote examined Rose and detected possible tumors in her uterus. In consultation it was determined that Dr. Cote would go ahead with her spay and let us know his finding once he could see inside. Dr. Cote was in contact with Heather during her spay. Dr. Cote found no signs of cancer but several other issues were found. She had several malformed kits that had died and become infected inside her uterus. Sadly the babies were all deceased. She had an ultrasound to confirm that the babies were not viable. Her uterus was infected and had a tear where infected fluid had leaked onto her colon. Her bodiy's defense mechanism walled off that infection and in doing so, the uterus wall tightly adhered to her colon.

Rose in the ICU at Adobe

In order to save her life Dr. Cote had to separate her uterus from her colon which was an extensive and delicate surgery. Sweet Rose was in surgery for two and a half hours. Dr. Cote did his very best to carefully remove all infected tissue and carefully cleanses the abdominal cavity. It was not possible to remove all of the uterine wall tissue from the colon without killing the rabbit, so a small portion of the uterine wall had to be left and heavy antibiotics followed. Dr. Cote was able to remove her reproductive organs.

We are so grateful that Adobe was able to get her in quickly, she would have died without prompt care. Sweet Rose is now in ICU fighting for her life. We are forever thankful for Dr. Cote and his team for her operation. She is in intensive care and we will be updated tomorrow. She is receiving IV fluids, heavy pain meds, strong antibiotics and is housed in oxygen in a heated chamber now. Haven medical support team members visited her tonight and tomorrow we will take over her care if she is stable enough to go to our medical site. What could have been a simple spay has turned into a significant surgical procedure and her medical care costs are extensive already! Over $2,500.00. Now we have to focus on Rose’s infection management and her post operative care.

We were all blindsided by this urgent surgery and we could use your support. To assist us to help Rose get well, please consider donating to her. Your love, support and get well wishes for Rose will be shared with her. Get well cards will be wonderful too. If you'd like to donate towards Rose's care, you can use The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check.

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