Soshi - Charming Bunny Needs a Miracle
Update: October 4, 2016
Soshi's urine scald

Sochi has had significant medical supportive care since she was rescued from the shelter. She visited a vet, and has a treatment plan in place for her recovery. Look at the progression of her skin in these photos .(attach here) She is eating well, feeling so much better and can even move without enduring too much pain from her injured feet. She receives two daily foot soaks in Chlorhex. solution, internal and external medications. Soshi is also battling an eye infection on top of the rest requiring hot packs on her little eyes and antibiotic eye drops. She is really improving! We are very pleased with her progress. She has received so much love from the rabbit community and she feels it! She can actually move her legs freely now and is starting to use her litter box too. She even plays with her toys.

She wants to remind you this is animal welfare week. The Haven is trying to raise $5000 during this week. We can do it! Please help now if you can, and thank YOU to those who have contributed already. We will keep you updated on her progress.

Update: October 3, 2016
Soshi with Dr Nakamura

Today Soshi had a vet appointment with Dr Curt Nakamura, DVM at Adobe Animal Hospital South Bay. She had x rays and was evaluated for urine scald, possible broken right back leg & possible abscesses on her feet. All this alongside of an overall exam to check for heart or other damage she has suffered. The vet feels optimistic that she will heal. X rays did not reveal any broken bones, hips or dislocation or fusion in her knees. Her leg problems seem to stem from two abscesses / abrasions and sores on her feet that makes it very painful for her to walk or move about. Her fur had been holding her tail down so she was unable to urinate normally due to having such severe matting covering her genital areas. this has caused urine scalding. This is painful condition and she is suffering from terrible urine scald.

The matted fur has now been removed. She has been give medications to ward off the skin infections and to help heal the abscesses internally. She also will have eye drops for her eye infection and she must have her feet soaked two times a day to help open and cleanse the abscesses on her feet. After 7-10 days she will go back in to see the vet again and if need be may have the abscesses removed or surgically cleaned at that time. Soshi is far too inflamed today for any surgical intervention so happily the vet did not even suggest it for today. Hopefully she will not need it and given medications and soaking in mild Chlorhexaderm solution. With this care her feet can begin to heal. Pain meds will be given to alleviate her pain and she will be housed on Palace pet bedding to avoid any hard surface causing more damage to her feet.

Update: October 2, 2016
Soshi at her foster home

The Rabbit Haven took Soshi out of the shelter. Sarah, our shelter advocate picked her up and then met with Ray/Kyomi for medical support and a bath. Poor baby girl is so injured. She was soaked in urine and has serious urine scald. Looks like she may have an injury to her right leg and she may have abscesses on both back feet. Raymond will post a video of her soon. Today she will go to see a vet to evaluate and treat her back leg, urine scald areas and, possible abscesses. Kyomi reports that both back legs have sores and she appears to be in pain when she tries to walk or stand. She will be on soft Palace Pet bedding tonight. She is safe and loved. Now that she has had her bath she is feeling better and Kyomi says she is eating. Please send healing wishes to Soshi. We will report on her progress as we know more about her condition.

October 2, 2016
Soshi at the shelter

Hi, my name is Soshi and I need out of shelter today! Just got my notice. Yes, this is my picture in my receiving cage at the shelter. Ugh!

I am a white and black short haired rabbit with adorable spots on my cheeks. I have very big brown eyes too. Someone put me outside in the drive way area of an apartment complex. They just left me in a tiny cage with no food or water. A nice person found me and brought me to the shelter. I was hungry, tired and also I got very dirty uncared for in that tiny cage. I think I am ready for a miracle. Do you have one for me?

Soshi at the shelter

I need rescue today please. I can go to the San Jose or Santa Cruz foster area. Either will work, The Haven will bring me to you. Yes, I need to be cleaned up, and given good food and time to heal. Can you help me out please? I thought it was bad outside. Then I thought I was safe, now this! My shelter is requesting immediate rescue as I have urine staining on my bottom Can you help me please ???

Auntie and my friends at The Haven will help me. Sarah will too. Call them right away please. Please I only have today! Call 831 239-7119 or 831 600-7479 right away! Please help by fostering or adopting Soshi! You can also donate to Soshi's care using The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check.

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