Karysha, Rabbit with a Severe Leg Fracture
Needs Surgery and Your Support
Update: February 3, 2017

Karysha had her stitches removed today by Dr C Nakamura. He indicated that she was perfectly healed and as he checked her mobility he expressed that she was adapting quite well to her amputation. Tripods do so well usually and Karysha is an amazing, courageous bunny. As soon as she is spayed she will be available for adoption. We are looking for a new foster site for Karysha next week. She will need to be in an x pen so that she can regain her strength on her one back leg. She is doing So well! Love and many thanks to everyone who has contributed to Karysha to help her have her surgery.

Update: January 30, 2017

Karysha is doing well after her surgery. She has regained her spirit and her energy is coming up too. She enjoyed a few days with her daughters Kaylyn and Kazumi (video). They truly helped her right after surgery. Her daughters seemed to understand exactly what she needed and they snuggled with her and gave her kisses.

We are all so happy that Karysha is doing so well now. She has quite a fan club! Thank you to those who sent her get well wishes and to those who donated to help save her life.

Karysha is cautiously moving around for brief exercise periods (video) and has done well so far. Her pain level has also diminished. She will be rechecked this week by Dr. Nakamura to make sure she is healing properly and that she has no infection. She will then need to go back to the vet later for her suture removal. She will need medical follow up and some physical therapy over the next month to make sure she is getting around well and can fully use her other back leg without strain. She is limited in terms of normal activity, however she is eating, and drinking very well. She no longer needs to be syringe fed. She will remain on her other post op medications until mid February.

As Karysha continues to heal and have physical therapy she will still need support. If you would like to help her check out the amazing Superbun Booster items, designed by The Sweet Bunny Project with Karysha in mind. Order today! Let’s show her our love.

Booster items
Update: January 24, 2017

Thank you to all our donors and our volunteers at the Haven care center who are helping Karysha heal after her major surgery Monday. Karysha is having a hard day today. Her doctor is nearby in case she needs to go back in. She has good pain control and physical support that she needs to be able to heal comfortably. We are doing all that we can to help her to get well and to allow her to heal in a safe, warm environment. Look for our updates on Karysha’s progress.

Your donations are making a big difference. So far, we have received $200 towards her $1,500 hospital bill. It is a good start. Thank you!

Love, Auntie Heather

Update: January 23, 2017

Due to the extensive shattering of her tibia and the many loose bone fragments and the loss of connection to the upper leg joint, Dr. Nakamura was not able to repair Karysha’s leg through splinting or inter/external dilatation processes. The x-rays were carefully examined, every feasible method to repair the leg bone was exhausted which led us to make the decision to surgically remove the leg. There really were not options left. It was disappointing that we could not repair and save her leg, however, we are going to save her life.

Karysha will have surgery today at 12 noon with Dr. Curt Nakamura, DVM and staff of Adobe South Bay in Los Gatos. Dr. Nakamura is an excellent surgeon, so we do not anticipate any additional problems. Other tripod bunnies we have had done very well, and we hope that she will recover quickly. Karysha will return to her medical care facility tonight after surgery for post op care and support.

Critical Care Support Team at The Rabbit Haven

January 22, 2017

Our dear Karysha, who just finished raising her litter two weeks ago, suffered a horrific leg fracture. She is now in the Rabbit Haven medical care center.

Her foster parents discovered her leg injury when they went to check in on her Sunday morning. She was unable to bear weight on her black right leg and could not move. Her foster parent raced her to the rabbit emergency room at Adobe Animal Hospital. She was seen by Dr. Lindsay Conners, DVM who examined her, and took xrays to determine her specific injury status. She sustained a severe tibia fracture. Her tibia is in pieces. (see xray images below) She is now receiving heavy pain medications and a sedative to keep her relaxed and pain free.

She has an appointment for surgical evaluation and possible surgery with Dr. Curt Nakamura, DVM Monday at 7AM. Her options are external fixation, maybe splinting and total cage rest with regular bandage changes and x rays to check on healing process or amputation. We really hope that we can save her leg.

Please help Karysha heal and be able to use her leg again. Her medical costs are already high and tomorrow we need to see a different vet. She really needs all of our support to survive. Will you please help her with your donation, love and support. Her medical cost will range from $2,000 to $3,000. To donate please use The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check. All funds will go directly to her medical fund.

We will keep you posted tomorrow regarding her status after she sees Dr Nakamura.

Thank you from all of us at The Rabbit Haven and Karysha.

Karysha's xray image 1 Karysha's xray image 2

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