Polaris - Bunny With Severe Upper Respiratory Infection
Update: January 23, 2017

Polaris continues to get well! Here she is relaxing, fully able to breathe. She is almost finished with her medication, no longer requires nebulization and is playful, saucy and is regaining her full health! She still likes to hand our when I shower –she has learned to enjoy the steam) . Such a funny girl. She sees the vet next week for her final check up. If all goes well, she will be cleared for adoption! Love to everyone that helped Polaris get well,

–Auntie Heather

Update: January 17, 2017

Hello friends of Polaris - Monday update. Polaris is continuing to improve. She is slowly increased her food intake and is drinking water on her own. The medications are really starting to work to clear up her infection. She can breathe!

On Saturday her former foster Dad Al came by to see her. Polaris was really happy to see Al. She still has to rest and I noticed that she becomes tired easily after even short exercise. She needs to build back her strength. I am hopeful that when she sees the vet later in this week she will also note her improvement. Thank you to everyone for your love and ongoing get well wishes - You are helping Polaris to heal. Thank you to those of you who donated too. We appreciate your support as vet bills are Very high. -Critical Care team

Update: January 16, 2017

Polaris is holding her own. She had a relatively good day. Most of the time she rests and nibbles on hay. She is not very strong yet. When she gets tired she moves herself into her litter box and props her front feet up on the edge where she rests her head in and upright position. This helps her breathe. Her medication also is workgin to curtail her infection. Her sneezing is very limited and we no longer hear chest congestion.

She had a special few minutes in the filtered sunshine today. Diana gave her a light groom to remove some of the loose fur. Since her illness she has had significant shedding. We could only remove the lightest amount of fur until today as she was not able to tolerate even light petting. She was simply too ill until today to address that need.

Polaris has the most difficult time in the evenings. We have moved her med schedule up in timing to give her more comfort and support from 2 AM to 7AM. We just checked on her at 1 AM and she was eating, which is a great sign of her improvement. She was enjoying fresh parsley and dandelion. She is also able to drink water on her own now without chocking or needing to stop to catch her breath. Send healing wishes for her continued improvement. We will post again tomorrow.

Photo is from earlier today as she rested a bit before meds. Love to everyone who has sent get well wishes and support. Critical Care team

Update: January 13, 2017

Setback for Polaris: Polaris had a difficult morning today. It was so disappointing. We thought she was well on her way to recovery, then at 4 Am she woke me in distress! She needed to be neubulized again and to have the discharge removed from her nose.

She is still eating. She did improve later this afternoon so did not have to go to AHS for another day in the oxygen room. WE added additional sinus clearing and nose drops which has helped. We have made arrangements to get in an oxygen generator tomorrow. Polaris is so tired. -At least she no longer needs to hold her head up to be able to breathe. Love to Polaris's fan club! Please send get well wishes to Polaris. We will keep you posted.

- Haven Critical Care Center

Update: January 11, 2017

Polaris is continuing to improve today. Polaris continues on her new antibiotics and nasal drop for her severe congestion. Tuesday evening was tough. She panicked often and needed to be fed again. But today, Wednesday, she has shown great signs of improvement. She has started to eat and is making a remarkable improvement. She is no longer terrified of being picked up and has stopped open mouth breathing. She seems to be breathing more freely and the nose drops are workgin to clear her sinus passages. She did not need to go back in the oxygen room today at the hospital. We are all thrilled with her progress.

She has started eating more and has begun to eliminate properly –I think she is improved a great deal. So far her expenses are around $520.00 and she is on the mend – If you want to support Polaris through her illness, please use The Haven's PayPal account online or donate by check.

Update: January 10, 2017
Polaris at the vet office

Polaris visited Dr Stern today. She was examined and was placed immediately on oxygen support mid exam. Polaris had open mouthed breathing and was much stressed. She was given a mild sedative and that allowed her to relax a bit while Dr Stern reviewed her x ray and pondered her situation.

After spending most of the day in oxygen therapy Polaris come back to critical care support with The Rabbit Haven. Her medications were changed from Gentomycin to Ofoxiacin drop for her nose – Dr Stern added Azthiromycin once a day as well along with a recommendation for a very low stress and warm environment.

After Polaris returned to the center she seemed much calmer. She did not fight the critical care feeding and allowed the nasal drop without a problem. She even took her new medication (slowly, but effectively) Very late on Monday evening she began to eat parsley. It seemed to cause her to choke but she was hungry and kept trying. Her veggies were chipped and that helped She ate all of it.

Polaris has low energy today but is not holding her head up to breathe as much as she was yesterday. She has minimal poops, but is urinating. She has begun to panic again when she has meds therefore her meds need to be given ½ cc at a time. She is observed every 4 hours during the night and every hour during the day.

Update: January 8, 2017

Polaris is still unable to eat on her own and therefore requires critical care and fluids. Sub Q She is in the warm room in isolation unit. She made it through her second nubulization treatment with sterile saline which does seem to help her. She is panicking less today.

Polaris has very little energy and difficulty breathing. She is losing weight so we will continue to clear her nasal passages, then give her food by mouth (critical care) and medications oral antibiotics and nasal drops. When she panics she is offered comfort and assurances that she is safe. Tomorrow she will go in first thing to see Dr Stern and have oxygen support. Dr Stern will evaluate her to R/o pneumonia and will review her x rays to see what else we can do.

January 7, 2017

Polaris, a sweet New Zealand bunny, came in to the Rabbit Haven on Saturday, January 7th, early in the morning. She was unable to breathe well and experiencing panic. She was seriously dehydrated and ill. She was sent over to see Dr Cameron at Cameron Vet hospital after she was calmed and had sub q fluids. Polaris was not able to eat, drink and was not able to eliminate. She was gravely ill.

She was examined, X-rayed and kept a bit for observation then sent on with meds and instruction for nebulization and continuing medication, plus a warm and low stress environment. On Saturday she was stabilized then went into the Rabbit Haven critical medical support center in Santa Cruz.

There, the staff worked to keep her temperature constant and used suction to remove the excesses mucus from her nasal passages. She was nebulized and given medications. Both were not effective to relive her panic or breathing ability. Staff worked to calm her and to help her breath and cleared her nasal passages with a bulb syringe. Late Saturday evening her medications were changed and she was placed in a room with a humidifier. She improved a bit within two hours. Nasal drop were also started. She was also given 30 cc of critical care, offered one cc at a time over 30 minutes to keep her intake up. Polaris certainly is very ill please send healing wishes to her.

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