Abel's Story
Update: June 27,2014

Abel has been receiving intensive medical care for several weeks. We originally took Abel in as his leg was painful and non functional. He had a terrible infection inside the ankle in addition to a severe fracture. The infection had literally dissolved much of the bone in his ankle. The doctor was very concerned about infection spreading. Able was in critical condition. She recommended amputation to save his life.

Abel went in for the procedure, x rays, and Dr Stern discovered a secondary problem. He had an abscess on his right leg. There was no way the doctor could amputate the right leg even given the extent of the leg fracture as the abscess on his right leg was pronounced.

A new plan had to be quickly created - he went into surgery for wound cleaning, splinting, cultures, and leg bandaging. He was given medications in the hope that we could heal the abscess then go forward with the leg amputation.

Able had his vet visit to check on the status of abscess healing process. He surprised us all. Not only did his right leg abscess heal his left leg fracture and abscess also healed. His leg is even functional without a splint. His little leg sticks out a bit, but it is ok. He does not seem to notice and he can hop sufficiently. He will need cage rest and more medication for two weeks, and then, if the leg remains stable, he will be healed. The doctor was very pleased with his progress. Needless to say, Haven medical support staff was also thrilled.

Able went home a happy boy. Now he is busy cleaning his feet and doing all things rabbit. He even nudged his foster's hand for pets. Able will remain on cage rest and medications for two to three more weeks, then he most likely will have recovered. We can all celebrate for Able as his healing process is well underway. Soon he can join the adoptable rabbits and will no doubt find his forever home. He is charming little boy. New pictures soon.

Able wants to thank everyone out there who thought of him and sent him cards and donations to help repair his injuries. He will send you a new photo soon. He wants you to know that he can even balance on his back legs now to clean his face!! Life is looking good for Abel.

June 19,2014

Abel was rescued from a local shelter when he was placed on the needs rescue list due to his broken back leg. He was brought into rescue and was seen on emergency basis by Dr. Hilary Stern DVM on Saturday. His leg and ankle were significantly abscessed. Dr. Stern recommended amputation of the broken leg given the level of infection and his inability to use the leg.

A second appointment was set for Monday. He was set to go in for surgery on until we noticed that he also had an abscess on the opposite back leg. So the surgery plans had to be changed. Amputation was not possible until the second abscess had healed.

Abel went in for more x-rays and had cytology done. He needed very close medical care, daily meds, vet rechecks, bandaging and splint applications. It was decided to put him on Pen G and Baytril.

In a few weeks he can then go back in for abscess evaluation and possibly more x rays and we can proceed from there. Many thanks to the great volunteer rabbit advocate team at the shelter that noticed Abel's serious condition and helped him get to rescue. We expect Abel's medical bills to be high, of you want to donate toward his care you can use our PayPal site or by check.. Please indicate that your donation is for Abel.

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