Alexandri - Infant Attacked by a Cat
Update: December 8, 2014

The Rabbit Haven is very pleased to announce that Alexandri is available for adoption! You may remember that she came into The Haven as a three week old infant with terrible cat bite wounds, an infected wound to her neck, and near death. She underwent several surgical procedures performed by Dr. Hilary Stern, DVM to remove infected tissue and repair the bite wounds. Look at her now! She is a bright eyed and active baby bunny, full of life. Her recovery is a testament to the quality of medical care she received and the financial support given to her by Haven supporters. She is ready to open the next chapter of her life, in a loving home of her own.

If you are interested in adopting this sweet girl, or any other Haven bunny, please contact Heather at or (831) 600-7479.

Update: November 11, 2014

Alexandri is vastly improved. Still weakened from several surgeries from grossly infected cat bites she is beginning to heal. She did lose all the skin off the top of her left arm. Her neck injuries and abscesses are healing. She is currently on Marbofloxicin and Chloramphenticol, she is improving. She has begun to explore the area she now shares with Lil bit. They are good friends. This charming bunny needs lots of love and her veterinarian thinks she will be fully healed in a few weeks and really for adoption. Very happy news and a great prognosis for Alexandri!

If you want to donate to help Alexandri you can use The Rabbit Haven's PayPal account or donate by check. We will continue to post updates on her progress to this page and to Facebook.

Update: October 30, 2014

Alexandri is a joy to care for. She is so very patient with us as we care for her. She had her most recent surgical procedure with Dr. Hilary Stern, DVM on Monday 10-27-2014, and now we just need to flush her neck wound once a day, continue with her medications and feed her special formula and hay. She is on two very strong antibiotics and they appear to be working. She is growing and enjoying her KMR. She just started to drink KMR from a low small dish! Good girl. Alexandri wants to thank everyone for sticking with her through five surgeries! Her energy is much improved and she is able to play in her little play room with Lil' Bit and is able to use her left leg and foot now. She has made great improvements. The wounds on her arm and elbow are healing up well. The neck injury still needs medical management. She continues to receive physical therapy for the leg injury. Her leg is working so much better now. Send her many get well wishes.

Update: October 21, 2014

Alexandri had surgery to remove necrotic tissue on her arm and surgery to open injuries that were deeply infected under her chin. Her injury sites had been healing relatively well until recently. We noticed that her arm had begun to swell and by Monday evening the surgical site opened showing a high degree of infection. She was in great pain. She is very sick today and fighting for her life.

Dr. Hilary Stern, DVM was able to see her this afternoon. She checked her wound sites and decided to leave it open to drain so we could keep it flushed and clean. The culture results on Alexandri showed both Kiebaiella oxytoca and Enterobacter cloacae. which are both resistant to most antibiotics. Yesterday Dr. Stern started her on a new round of medications Chloramphenicol and Marbofloxicin. She is currently in very poor condition yet able to eat and drink and move about. She remains in our main medical site where she can have close access to her doctors and receive ongoing care to treat her wounds and receive medications. Please send this little girl your get well wishes. We will keep you posted on her progress.

Update: October 13, 2014
Alexandri's necrotic tissue

Alexandri had a second surgery today to remove a one inch long patch of necrotic tissue from her left arm. She is only about five inches in length herself, so that was quite a big surgery for her.

She has such a bad infection, she needed her wounds cleaned under anesthesia and he surgical removal of all that dead skin. She is such a fighter! She was in surgery for over an hour today. She will require flushing on her neck wound and lower back wound two times a day, a new medication to combat the infection and to be kept absolutely clean. The sweetheart is so traumatized. She is very upset after her surgery today and is becoming nervous when we pick her up to feed her and give her medications. She is still drinking KMR and now has begun eating alfalfa hay. She is always with her foster mom in medical foster care and even sleeps in her tiny room very nearby. It is exceptional that she made it through this horrible surgery today, but we had no choice. Without surgery she clearly would have died. Necrotic tissues simply has to be removed. Please send your get well messages to little Alexandri.

Update: October 9, 2014
Alexandi's bite sounds

Alexandri had surgery and is also improving. The swelling is going down in her bite wounds and she is able to drink about 3 cc of KMR at each feeding. It is still very hard for her to swallow given the injury to her throat however she drinks the KMR. She requires sub Q fluids two times daily and buprenex once daily for her pain. She is also gaining weight very slowly.

Update: October 6, 2014

We were so happy that Alexandri was able to make it through the night and we went to see Dr. Hilary Stern, DVM today. We were afraid she might not even make it through the night, but she did! Then today we went to see Dr. Stern and she had a surgical procedure. Poor tiny one had cat bites under her neck and on her shoulder and back. She is trying her best to stay alive. Dr. Stern removed pus buildup and cleaned the wound well. She needed to excise a small portion under her chin. Cat bites can be extremely damaging. Tiny Alexandri is on medications for pain, infection and fluids to help her hydration. She has extensive damage to the tissues under her chin, and shoulder area.

The serious injury under her chin makes it very difficult for her to use her mouth and she has significant swelling formed on her neck. It is tough to hold her to feed her given her right leg and shoulder is so painful when she is held. We are figuring out how to do this feeding and keep her comfortable too. She is finally resting now after a very long day. We will post new photos soon.

October 5, 2014
Alexandri wrapped in a blanket

A tiny baby bunny was found today in a family's backyard being chased by a cat. They were able to gather the baby and brought her inside. They called at 2Pm and she made it to me by 2:50PM thanks to the quick action of Al who drove in to pick her up and bring to me. Al put her on a snuggle safe to transport her which brought up her temperature. Good thinking. Sadly the family had her since 7 AM Sunday morning and then called as they could see she had become so sick. Of course the shelter most often calls the Haven but this bunny did not have the strength to make it at a shelter so the family asked if she could come directly to us.

Sadly the baby is very ill. She was lethargic, dehydrated and near death when she arrived. She could barely hold her head up. The family did not know how to care for her, so tried to give her water and spinach unsuccessfully. The baby bunny, (Alexandri) is approx 3 weeks old. She has an injury to her right front leg and is unable to use it. It appears that the cat bit her right into the shoulder joint. Her neck is also injured and she is not able to walk. She may also have a back injury. We treated her for shock, warmed her to 101 then fed her. After that, when she was more stable, Auntie Heather went ahead and shaved the area to allow better cleaning. Now she is very sleepy but before she went to bed she had 5 ml of KMR plus s tiny bit of romaine and sub Qs. Her temp varied today from 98.4 to 101.5. She is on electric heat pad now in carrier living quarters. She is critically injured. Please send get well wishes to little Alexandri. Lil' Bit helped her to feel better too. When the new bunny seems to be fading Heather puts her next to Lil' Bit, our other infant in medical care came over to see her. That seemed to perk up the new bunny and seemed to take took her focus off pain. We hope to get in to see Dr Stern tomorrow if the little girl makes it through the night.

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