Ameche's Story
February 8, 2008
Ameche at the shelter

Ameche was rescued from an East Bay shelter on Jan. 16, 2008. She was found in a field, frightened and alone, and unable to use her left rear leg. Because of the over crowding in the shelter and her injury she was deemed unadoptable and waited through her three day stray hold without being treated for her injury. She was not even given any pain medications to make her more comfortable. At the end of day three she was scheduled for euthanasia. Haven rescuers rushed in and found her all hunched up in pain and quivering. They noted that the left back leg was extremely swollen. It was not known at the time if this was an infection or a possible fracture. She could not use the leg becasue of the severe pain. Pain will cause a bunny to become anorexic and dehydrated in a relatively short time. Her gums were dry and tacky and her skin turgor poor. Both indicated dehydraton.

The clock was ticking for this little girl. She needed imediate attention to correct her dehydration, her anorexia and relieve her pain. After getting her home she was started on pain medication, antibiotics for possible infection, warmed subcutanous fluids, and given a selection of tasteful greens to stimulate her appetite. Pain medication was very effective in controlling her pain and she was eager to eat and drink. Pain is the number one cause of GI stasis, the "silent killer" of bunnies. X-rays showed that she had a comminuted fracture of both the tibia and the fibula. Surgical repairs for broken bones in bunnies don't always have a positive outcome. Their bones are tiny and the risk of infection and rejection of the pins or plate is very high. X-rays indicated that the bone had been broken for a while and was starting to heal. Although not in perfect alignment, the doctors both agreed that strict cage rest and regular pain management was in order to allow her to heal.

Ameche is an amazing little girl. Friendly, outgoing and very loving. She needs a loving forever home. The cost of her pain medication, antibiotics, doctor visits and x-rays is costly. After her recovery she will need to be spayed. You can make a cash donation to help with Ameche's expenses via Paypal, or donate by check.

Update: February 8, 2008

Ameche has time on her side. Youth is a wonderful thing and Ameche is recovering well. She uses her leg to hop, do binkies, to greet you and to stand up and take treats from you. Now that she is healed she will be scheduled for her spay appointment. After that, she is good to go and ready for adoption. Will you be that special someone to take her into your heart and love her?


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